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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Jack

I was facing the issue of a runny nose for the past few years, I did not think that it would ever be much big of a problem, however, recently it got to the point where I couldn’t even breath properly with my nose. I looked up online and found out about Dr Harrison J. Glassman, he had a really good rating online and he wasn’t very far from my location. After doing some tests, he told me that I don’t have any allergies however, I do have a deviated septum. He said that I will have to apply 2 nasal sprays on a daily basis. I bought the nasal sprays however, they were as ineffective as a fire type against water one (Pokemon reference). These sprays cost around $120.00/month. The doctor recommended me to get the surgery however the surgery turned out to be a nightmare for me. For the next six hours, I was laying up in the hospital bed puking nothing but blood. After the six hours, a nurse realized that one of the blood vessels were still open and it was leaking it in my stomach. It took me several weeks to recover from the surgery. I was not seeing any signs of improvement so I booked an appointment with a different doctor to get a second opinion. I explained the whole situation to me. Before even testing me, he told me that I am allergic/ intolerant to some foods. He added, “Dr Glassman is infamous for misleading his patients to make more money, you should have done more research before going to him.” The blood test results came and it showed that I was allergic to quite a lot of foods. Once I started avoiding them, the symptoms started to fade away. After this, I went to Dr Glassman and showed him the blood test results, he said, “Ohhh, it must have been the allergies all along, wow!” This guy made me go through a surgery which was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY and not only that, I almost died of blood loss after that surgery. When I asked him if he feels anything and he just replied by saying, “Everyone makes mistakes, it isn’t a big deal, ha ha ha” I wouldn’t have gotten this surgery in the first place if the diagnosis was correct. I gave Dr Glassman his chances however, he messed up all of them. I asked him for a refund as it was clear that this surgery was totally useless. However, he said that I should have been more careful with my decision and he implied that it was actually MY FAULT. I told Dr Glassman that I will post a review online and tell everyone about his reality, and he then proceeded to threaten me. He told me that if I post any kind of review, then he will do everything he can to “destroy me”. I don’t know what that jackass meant but I felt that it is my responsibility to post this one. Please avoid Dr Harrison J. Glassman at all costs!!!

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