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Board bars Orono doctor from prescribing controlled drugs

AUGUSTA, Maine — Dr. Harry Peddie’s medical license was partially suspended by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine, on Tuesday. An adjudicatory hearing is still pending on March 14, the board said in a news release on Friday.
Peddie is prohibited from prescribing controlled substances for 30 days as part of the suspension. According to the order outlining the board’s preliminary findings, Peddie’s most recent work was for a Bangor methadone clinic.
The board had received reports in September 2016 that Peddie was prescribing an anti-anxiety drug to his wife since several years. Also, he had been self-prescribing two drugs, one for sleeping problems and the other for anxiety, for more than 30 years, according to the initial findings.
The board received the records of a pharmaceutical distributor which revealed that Peddie had ordered and received multiple controlled substances and related drugs on a regular basis even after his clinic was closed, through May 2016.
The board alleged that Peddie had lied when he said that none of the controlled substances were for his personal use or for his family’s use.
The board further alleged that Peddie falsely said that his work for the clinic was performing medical histories and conducting physical examinations but methadone clinic’s medical director told that prescribing methadone was a part of Peddie’s duties.
After the review, the board concluded in its news release that if Peddie continues to prescribe controlled substances, it would pose an immediate risk to the public. As per the published reports, Peddie had taken over the Orono Medical Center, which was formerly known as MedNow, but shut it down in July 2012 because the primary care facility was losing money.
In the same year, the Maine Human Rights Commission ruled 2-1 that Peddie had fired a radiographer because of his personal issues. The radiographer had alleged that the Orono facility prescribed unnecessary tests and billed high charges to make extra profit.
In 2011, Peddie had opened up a walk-in clinic in conjugation with Orono pharmacy. It could not be cleared by early Friday evening if Peddie and the pharmacy still worked together or not. The services listed on the pharmacy’s website didn’t include walk-in care.
All board disciplinary actions are ultimately reported to the Federation of State Medical Board’s Action Data Bank. Every state licensing board in the country regularly reviews these reports.
The state board comprises of six physicians, a physician assistant and three public members appointed by the governor.
Information regarding the disciplinary actions taken by the board can be viewed by visiting its website or by calling on 287-3601.

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