Dr. Henry Sobol

I was horrified but I had no choice instead.

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Dana

My tooth hurt one night. I had to take painkillers to lessen the pain. Worst of all I did not get a wink of sleep the whole night throughout. The next morning I told my mother about it. It was obvious that I could not attend my classes and I had to go to a dentist named Dr. Henry Sobol.

Our appointment was at 9 ‘o’ clock in the morning but as soon as we reached the clinic we saw there was already a queue outside his clinic. We had to wait for more than an hour to get into his clinic. There was a management issue regarding the timings that a patient should be given. Nevertheless, we went inside the clinic. We noticed broken chairs and outdated rusty machines but now that I had taken the appointment, I had to get my problem fixed. A dentist wearing shabby clothes came out and took me inside his room for further treatment. The room was very dark and only one of the three lights was switched on. The machines were very rusty and old by look. I was frightened by his cruel look. He then made me sit in his old and dirty chair which was bent to one side because it was broken. Till now I can notice the mess around this room and could barely figure out that Dr. Henry was really a genuine dentist by profession. I jumped off from his chair as soon as I saw those horrible drills and pliers but the doctor again pulled me back to the chair and assured me that nothing scary would happen. So I sat down on the reclining chair while the dentist kept on saying some reassuring words which somewhat relaxed me. He then said that the tooth had to come out as soon as possible, at first I nodded dumbly in reply then he put an injection through my gums which were very painful and I almost screamed out my lungs. I was not even ready for such pain.

I felt a slight prick of pain when he gave me another injection unnecessarily which was unbearable. My mother out of concern sprang into the room but she was soon pulled out by the cruel employees. The employees were mannerless as they pulled my mother out of the room. Dr. Henry continued with his work, he pulled out my wisdom teeth so hard and quick that the gums almost started bleeding endlessly and the pain was at its extreme level. The dentist put a wag of cotton over the wound and ordered me to keep my mouth shut for a while. It was a horrendous experience for me. I guess he was taking out his anger on me.

I am not an enemy of Dr. Henry, I just want him to improve himself and stop hurting people so much that they won’t visit him back ever again. Until he does that you should stay away from him. I hope that this review helped, thanks.

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