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My Horrible Experience with Dr. Hooman Khorasani

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Published: 02 August 2019

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In decades of years, people have believed in a myth that all doctors are compassionate. Others think that they’re qualified medical professionals. It’s so unfortunate that patients go through malicious experiences under the hands of unprofessional medical doctors. I’m writing this as a victim who has encountered such deeds in the hands of a Dermatologist known as Dr. Hooman Khorasani. The service that this guy offered to me was just terrible. It became my embarrassment and the people cross to me.

He displays a bad picture among dermatologic experts. He acts so friendly and kind to blind his clients. To him, money is much important than the client’s body. I’m full of regrets when I remember the cash I wasted in his hands. On his website, he brags about the experience he has on Dermatologic, Cosmetic Surgery and Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery. But, the bitter truth is that he’s not a professional and he has no experience in this.

To make himself famous, he has posted different blogs on different websites. These websites are, the Heathgrade.com, Zocdoc.com, Vital.com, Yelp.com and also on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). He’s so smart in constructing some catchy adverts, that you can’t help trying to book an appoint with him. Whatever is written on these websites has blinded a lot of people in need of such services. I know some were dismayed by the services they received, only that they’re unable to make it known in public.

I’m writing this article to at least help others open their eyes and know the reality behind this unprofessional surgeon. Many may be intending to book an appointment or may have already book one, now waiting to attend the consultation. This short article might save someone’s money, time and avoid embarrassment thereafter.


About Dr. Hooman Khorasani according to his website

He is the head Medical Officer of the cosmetic surgery and dermatologic surgery severance at the Mt. Sinai Health System. He’s believed to be a certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic and skin cancer surgeon in New York City. In his system, he specializes in eyelid lifts, body contouring, facial aesthetic surgery, and lasers. Along with his decorations, he is known to be a specialist in reconstructive surgery and the cancerous skin removal.

Dr. Khorasani graduated from the University of Southern California where he studiedScience in Physiological. He underwent the internship for General Surgery at the County Hospital of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He studied minimal scar wound repair and plastic surgery at the same school of medicine of Southern California. He polished up his occupation in dermatology possession at Medical College of New York CityMetropolitan Hospital in NY. Dr. Khorasani had additional training in skin cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery at the Mt. Sinai Medical Centre. At the same Centre he commenced a comradeship in Mohs micrographic surgery and accomplishment of Dermatology procedures.

He’s a member of Medical Societies such as Alpha Omega, the society of Dermatologic Surgery of America, Dermatology Academy of America and also the American College of Cutaneous Oncology and Mohs surgery.


Services offered at his system

His system offers a bunch of services which leaves a question mark regarding the education background. He claims to offer services like Botox, Mohs Surgery, Hair Removal, Scar Revisions, Tattoo Removal, Sculptures, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, and Blepharoplasty.


This is how I found Dr. Hooman

I had a tattoo on my neck, and perhaps I needed it no more. When searching for the professional tattoo removers. I came across this website https://www.drkhorasani.com. I was so impressed because I thought that my problem will be solved soon. My heart was overjoyed on reading the 1st current patient’s reviews. It caught my attention, and so I decided to take his contact information. He has two consultation addresses, where I was supposed to choose my preferred location. 1st address was 234 E. 85th Street 5th floor, New York City, postal code: 10028, United States. 2nd address was 1112 Park Avenue Suite 1A, New York City, postal code 10128, United States. Telephone numbers are (212) 731-3311 and (347) 574-8500 respectively. 

I called one of the numbers, ready to talk with the famous Dr. Hooman, but, on my surprise, the receptionist picked the call. I asked her to connect me with Dr. Hooman, and she told me that I need to book a consultation appointment, which is charged $250. I never bargained or became hesitant about paying the fee because I needed help. Later, she asked for my mail address, and within a few minutes, I received the mail with my appointment details. 


How Dr. Hooman Khorasani Left a Permanent Mark on My Neck

My heart is filled with regrets when I remember the day I took a flight to New York City. I had great expectations since the nuisance tattoo on my neck was a kind of stress in my life. The receptionists were so polite and warm. They confirmed my appointment, and I was told to wait for Dr. Hooman for a few minutes. I gave myself a sit on a waiting coach trying to figure out how the removal process will be. 

It was past one hour since the receptionist told me to wait for a few minutes. The lady (the receptionist) never bothered to tell me what was going on. I was now impatient and decided to ask her what the matter is. She never explained much, but she told me that Dr. Hooman was in another appointment that took a long time than expected. I wondered why she was that ignorant about telling me just that.

I couldn’t make my way back home because I had already paid the non-refundable appointment fee. I kept waiting with a lot of anxiety. After 2 hours of waiting, I had someone calling my name. It was the receptionist asking me to get in Dr. Hooman’s office. I was bored but at the same time, I was so expectant.

The doctor was friendly, warm and kind as for many businessmen are to their customers. He already had my appointment details, so there wasn’t much to explain to him. The only question he asked me was if I want to reduce the appearance of my tattoo or remove it permanently. Obvious I wanted it out permanently. He told me that the tattoo can be treated and removed with special lasers that target different pigments in the skin. He explained that the laser will break the ink into tiny particles, which then will be processed and eliminated naturally by the body. I found this somehow good but, I was afraid of pain caused by these lasers.

He encouraged me that tattoo removal doesn’t hurt than getting the original tattoo. Because during the procedure, I’ll be given a numbing agent called lidocaine, and if needed lidocaine will be injected around the tattoo area. He told me because my tattoo is a professional red tattoo, I will need 1 laser treatment which is $400, without forgetting the appointment fee of $250. This was so expensive, but, I needed the tattoo removal no matter the cost. The procedure started, of which, it was extremely painful than he explained. That was never what I expected. I could only yelp, and he never cared instead he continued to move the laser around the tattoo.

Even after placing the numbing agent thing around the tattoo, the pain was still sharp and unexplainable. He pissed me off by telling me to stop childish cry. I tried to act stronger but, I couldn’t hold my tears. There was a sharp pain in my neck, which went straight to my nerves. I wished to jump from the patient’s bed. Although I couldn’t because I had already paid for the service. The process took a few minutes, to me it was like a whole day. I swear that was my worst experience with a doctor. He never felt the pain for me, I was just a money maker specimen to him.

Now, after the painful procedure, Dr. Hooman told me that, tattoo removal will not restore my skin 100%. He told me that, it will leave only a shadowed spot on my neck. All those were lies because the removal left a deep and much visible mark on my neck. I called his office after a few days to tell them about my condition. The lady who received the call told me that, if it about complains I have to book an appointment with the doctor. I tried to explain to her that I was there a few days ago but she didn’t listen to me. She instead told me that she’d call me back and handed up. I waited the whole day for her to call me back but, she never did. 

I tried all I could to reach Dr. Hooman and talk to him one on one, but it was all in vain. After trying to reach him for 2 days I decided to go back to his office again. So I explained the matter to the lady at the reception, and she told me to wait for Dr. Hooman who was said to be in an official meeting. As usual, I had to wait for hours and later the doctor arrived. The receptionist explained to him my complaint. He never bothered to call me in his office, instead, he just said hello to me. Then mockery he told me maybe I never followed the instructions he had given me after the tattoo removal procedure. He said that he had told me to take care of the removal area by applying ointment oil or lotion and stay out of the direct sun. I was surprised because there’s nothing like that he had told me. I only remembered him telling me that it will take like a day or 2 for the skin to restore. 

What disappointed me was that he wanted me to book an appointment once more now for the scar removal. Dr. Hooman told me that scar revision is another treatment that I have to pay for it. He refused to listen at my pledge since he was the one who had done the removal procedure that turned to be a mark on my neck. He added by saying that, it’s my carelessness that had caused the removal to turn to a visible mark. I couldn’t risk undergoing another treatment on his hands. The guy just wanted to make money with my body. I had no other choice rather than leaving his office to get help from somewhere else. 


Are there other complaint regarding Dr. Hooman Khorasani?

Yes, there are a lot of complaint from the clients who have received the unprofessional services from Dr. Hooman Khorasani. I can’t mention all the complaint from different victims but, if someone wants to read some of the negative reviews, there’re much and found on his websites. I was shocked to see that many people have suffered

under this doctor’s hands.








I know many victims are quiet and don’t know where or to whom they can share the bad and evil experiences they encountered under the same hands. For me, I decided to write this long article to help someone who may be intending to visit Mt. Sinai Health System in New York City. 


What to expect when you visit Mt. Sinai Health System 

The receptionists pretend to be so friendly, welcoming, concerned and so polite. I guess that’s what they’re trained to treat the clients (customers). They will only do this to welcome you, but when you go back for complains they will act as if they don’t know you. You will be told to wait for a few minutes and it will turn to be a whole day. 

Dr. Hooman will act as a good, caring and compassionate as he listens to your needs. He will lie to you that, the procedures are not painful and that you will recover 100%. You’ll be surprised by the painful procedures, he’ll assume your cry and continue to serve you mercilessly. Then it willbe as different as promised about original recovery. The treatments will leave you with a painful wound which later turns to a very visible mark. 

Nobody will listen to your complaint. You’ll be asked to pay for another treatment procedure. So when going for treatments at Mt. Sinai Health System, expect to be milked your money. They’re there for business and nothing more. The doctor will not follow up on your recovery period. If you call for consultations about your recovery you’ll be asked to book another appointment with the doctor.



Dr. Hooman Khorasani and his system fraternity are unprofessional and a bad example of health facilities. I really can’t get enough words to express the pain he has made me and other victims go through. He has always been acting as a professional dermatologist through social media, his website and sometimes through TV channel interviews. He is a malicious, lame and a pathetic doctor who takes human as objects for money-making. He left a permanent and embarrassing mark on my skin along with many other patients. 

It seems difficult to put him an injustice but, it’s important to raise the alarm of awareness against such kind of unprofessional medical personnel. It’s so unfortunate that such a selfish doctor has so many followers. I hope that someone finds this article helpful. I know he has friends who support him by posting some fake reviews praising him and his system. The reality is he doesn’t care even a little about his evil doings. He only cares about how much money he will make from his unqualified and careless services.

Never be fooled by the adverts, reviews or the fake pictures he posts showing how his services are great. I felt in his trap and now what I have is an embarrassment to me and the people cross to me. Visiting him is just a waste of time and money. Your problem will be multiplied. Do you need surgery? You’ll be left with a permanent scar on your skin.

I would urge anyone else who has ever been mistreated or never got satisfied by Dr. Hooman Khorasani’s services to come out and share their story here. This kind of doctors should be banned and their facilities closed permanently to save people from losing money and body shapes. This dermatologist is just but a scam. He should be doing any other business than to deal with human organs claiming to be a surgeon. People like him should not be somewhere cross to health services. If you need dermatology services, I would advise you to avoid the Mt. Sinai Health System. Beware and you won’t be a victim. 


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