Dr. Howard Setzer

Dr. Howard Setzer accused of sexual abuse

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Published: 08 August 2017

Posted by: Juan A. Hughes

Dr. Howard Setzer a doctor at St. Charles County, O’Fallon, MO has been allegedly assaulted two of his female patients. Following his arrest by the O’Fallon, Missouri police he has been charged with second-degree sexual abuse and second-degree attempted sodomy. The incidents occurred in a medical building on Progress Point Parkway.

Investigators have appealed to people asking for any other potential victims to come forward. O’Fallon Police Officer Diana Damke added that sometimes people fear coming forward and that the department was urging people, if there was someone, if there was an incident to come forward and let them know.

The Mid-County Orthopedic, spokesman Joel James refused to comment and confirm on Setzer currently status as employee of the hospital but released a statement conveying their long history of providing excellent medical care and confirmed that they would cooperate with any investigation by law enforcement. They added that they had not been sought by the law enforcement as yet and because of privacy laws they couldn’t speculate or comment on any patient matters.

Following the arrest of Setzer there was another development. A woman, Melissa Garanzini met with a detective and presented a recording of a visit to the office of a doctor.

Melissa Garanzini first visited the office of Dr. Howard Setzer in 2016 owing to some back problems but when she left his office something seemed out of place. She adds that the doctor was really nice, but it just felt weird. What stood out was that his conversations included him asking her things like what she was up to and what she was doing that night.

Garanzini says that she thought she was imagining things but it was in the next visit to Setzer a month later that she made up her mind and decided to record the appointment on her cell phone.

Garanzini adds that she captured the whole thing on video by placing her camera down by the chair. Garanzini recounts that her second appointment was creeper than the first visit and the doctor seemed to caress her hips making her feel weird. She adds that she had back trouble but he was touching her breasts and things like that, making her wonder if that was okay or not since he’s a doctor and you trust the doctor do as whatever the doctor says that too without hesitate.

Garanzini who was just 19 at the time says she wanted to report the incident to authorities but wasn’t sure of how and to who. She decides to show the video to some male friends who confirm her doubts that what is happening is wrong and advise her to do something about it. In video, at one point, Setzer is seen rubbing his crotch.

Garanzini adds that she didn’t know what to do and started looking online and printed out a uniform complaint form for the state of Missouri. She was told to fill it and then sent it in.

She left it at that and when Setzer was finally charged with sexual assault She realized that she had to tell the world what happened with her.

She advises people that if such an act happened with them, be it boy or girl, woman or man, they should do something about it right away. Adding that she wishes that she hadn’t waited all this while and reported the incident right away and done something about it.

The video is currently with the St. Charles County Prosecutor.

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