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They behave like they are the CEOs of some large companies!

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Published: 24 May 2019

Posted by: Sara

Don’t go here. The customer service is terrible!! The staff is rude and they have no sense of time management whatsoever. I visited this place 3 times and all of my three visits were like hell. I had visited this clinic because I thought they were the closest to my home. But I had followed some precautions and looked them up online. Their online presence is the complete opposite of what they offer out here. It’s clear that these people are lying everywhere in order to gain more customers. They should be sued for falsely advertising their services. They have pathetic time management and once you set up an appointment, you have ensured that you will waste a considerable amount of your time here. These people just don’t seem to care about the patients that come to visit here. All the smiles you see on their website are just limited to their website. Yep, you won’t be greeted or even showed any decent manners when you visit the place. The receptionist, in particular, is a very rude person. When I had first visited the place, I had to wait for around 30 minutes AFTER the appointed time. I had arrived around 10 minutes earlier than the time of the appointment so you can understand my level of frustration. These people are extremely careless and terrible professionals. I run a business and I know what it’s like to handle customers. And don’t even get me started on the doctors. Both, Dr. Henry and Dr. Angela always remain too busy. They hastily do checkups and look into your files. They behave like they have no time to handle your problems. That’s just retarded. And I know they just act busy in front of the patient because if they were really that time sensitive then they wouldn’t make the patients wait for hours in the waiting room. The receptionist keeps the headphones on all the time so if you want to ask anything, you’ll need to repeat your query at least 2-3 times, and that too, without yelling. Otherwise, be ready to get a frown and an irritated response like ‘Go to hell’ or “What the F*ck”. I found this out on my third visit and that made me realize that I don’t deserve such horrible treatment. I had to visit this place three times because on my second visit, I had gotten tired of waiting and I had left without meeting the doctor. After all, THEY HAD MADE WAIT FOR 45 FREAKING MINUTES. I don’t have that lot of time to waste. So I just left the place. They got another appointment for me. And to my surprise, on my third visit, I only had to wait for 15 minutes after the appointed time. This place really needs an overhaul. If you want to increase your blood pressure and test out your temperament, then it’s a great place to do so. For eye treatments and checkups, not so much.

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