Dr. Hunter Marlo

Please avoid her no matter what!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Paul

If I had to phrase Dr Marlo’s clinic in one word, then I would say that it is the worst. I came here because they told me on the phone that they accept my insurance and it was the nearest facility which did. I really should have gone to the other clinic however, my lazy ass wasn’t thinking straight at that time. These guys charged me many times more than normal, it was unreal. I could not believe that they were really charging me $XXXX for some simple procedures. I called up my insurance company and told them that I wouldn’t be able to pay that kind of money, especially for such a thing. Dr Marlo is a really greedy one that is for sure!

Unfortunately did not have the appointment but I did arrive at the clinic early morning to make up for it. I did not have to wait for long before I met with the doctor. Dr Marlo was quite cold and it was clear from his expression that she wasn’t very happy to see me. I went there to get my asthma checked up as I was having difficulty in managing it. She told me to stop using my inhaler quite frequently. She gave me a prescription for 3 different asthma medicines however, she did not tell me anything about its dosage and timing. Her clinic is extremely dirty and filthy and there was biohazard trash bin nearby which had no fucking LID ON IT! I could not believe my eyes, it was just so careless! They told me to get the blood work done, but I did not get it done at her clinic because it was just too disgusting. I went to a different place and got it done myself. I asked her if she can refer me to a good Pulmonary specialist, however, she refused to do that. I told her that I had one for the last 30 years and I would be much more comfortable with that. She grabbed my hand tightly and stared down my soul and told me, “You don’t need one”. She was acting as if she was my fucking mom! I have a condition in my lungs and I have been under the supervision of an expert my whole life. Why does Dr Marlo even care about giving me a referral? I asked her, “Will I have to return here every three months to get the new prescription?” and she instantly had a smirk on her face and said,” Yeah, of course, I am sure you are not stupid enough to not get the prescription ha ha ha”. I haven’t seen any other doctor who is so unprofessional and talks to his/her patients in such a manner. I would say that people should stay away from her, she is too old and dumb to be practising. It would be in anyone’s best interest to avoid her at all costs.

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