Dr. Irina Yesina DDS

Do yourself a favour and do not go to her!

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Published: 09 July 2019

Posted by: Avis

Dr Irina Yesina DDS might seem like a good dentist and I would say that she is not one of the bad ones, however, her staff is horrible and management makes me vomit. Before I say anything else, I want to clarify that I do not have any bad feelings against Dr Irina, I just want people to know what they are getting themselves into before they make a major financial or emotional commitment with her. Now, as I said earlier, her dentistry skills are alright and if you want to get some standard procedures done, then her skills will not be a problem for you unless you expect perfection. Although for the prices that she asks for her services, she is severely underskilled, one would not expect such an experienced doctor to be like that. The worst thing about her facility is her receptionist, which can easily be stated as, HORRIBLE. She makes excuses and tries her best to avoid work. She treats people like shit and is arrogant as fuck. I simply asked her how much more would I have to wait for my appointment and she told me “be quiet and patient, you are not gonna die are you?” It was really disrespectful and on top of that, she wasted more than an hour of my precious time by claiming that my insurance might not work with the system. After an hour she literally told me to contact the provider to make sure that my insurance will not have issues. I called my provider and they said that my insurance is totally acceptable in their facility. Being a travelling freak, I have met thousands of receptionists in my life and none of them was as bad as she is. I provided her with all the details necessary for processing the documents and she still fucked it up somehow. You would not even believe what she said to me after my third visit to Dr Iriana’s clinic, she told me to “go someplace else”. It was unbelievable, an employee who was giving away his boss’s business away. Let’s talk about Dr Irina for a second, this one does not have a clue about the technical medical terms. She does not personalize ANYTHING, she has probably memorized a few basic methods/routines and she uses them without any amends on all the patients. And by all I mean ALL, there are no exceptions. She is very rough and doesn’t talk much, it makes it difficult to trust her and apparently it is a big thing for a doctor. Overall, if you are looking for a place to get your dental stuff done, keep on looking cause Dr Irina Yesina’s clinic is certainly not the place to go for the best service. I regret spending wasting my money here and I would strongly suggest that you do not make the mistake I made. Do a lot of research on Google before choosing such a place, it can save you a lot of money, time and even teeth!

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