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I beg you to stay away from him PLEASE!!!

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Raquel

I was quite impressed with Dr James R. Nitzkorski in the beginning, he made sure that I felt comfortable and treated me like a real person unlike most of the doctors, however, a doctor’s personality isn’t enough for him to become a 5-star rated one. The billing methods of Dr James R. Nitzkorski’s clinic are the worst I have ever seen and experienced. They gave me the paperwork which showed a maximum out of the pocket amount of $3000.00 and they led me to understand that it would be the amount I would be required to pay. On the day of the surgery, the real costs started popping out and now the bills reached a massive $10,000.00 and the billing staff of Dr James R. Nitzkorski did not even bother to contact me. They simply sent my case to their collection’s company and told them that I owe them a sum of $4000.00. The collections company was none other than the MNET. Unfortunately I suffer from a genetic problem known as HS and there are many treatments for it in the market, however, I chose surgery as I thought that it would be my best option. At first, when I called Dr James R. Nitzkorski’s office, they told me many times that the surgery will have no side effects after seven weeks and I would not feel a thing. During the surgery things were not really great, the doctors were not able to stitch me the exact way they were supposed to and instead, they made the opening worse. With no regard to my aesthetics whatsoever, these guys stitched up my skin with a weird Z-styled stitching style on my upper arm. It was not discussed and I did not know that it could be a problem as well. The per-surgical conversation between the patient and the surgeon is one fo the most important part of a surgery and the surgeon did not say a word to be before the surgery. I did not get a single chance to discuss this type of scenario, I wasn’t even aware of it. I was in the hospital for 2 months with bad holes and the wound care system was the worst there. Dr James R. Nitzkorski’s treatment wasn’t doing anything for the wound and I decieded to do some of my own research and ended up buying some stuff myself. The wound responded way better to my treatment. I was going to Dr James R. Nitzkorski’s office many times and now it didn’t seem necessary so I called them up to cancel my appointment, however, they told me that I still have to pay them money. The billing lady told me that Dr James R. Nitzkorski charges a minimum of $2500.00 for the surgery and the anesthesia itself was quite expensive. In total, I owe Dr James R. Nitzkorski’s office a total of $10,000.00 now and I have a painful wound in my upper arm. This guy has just made my life even worse. I beg you to stay away from him PLEASE!!!

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