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I would strongly recommend you to avoid this guy and his clinic at any cost.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It is generally advised by oral experts from all around the world to get your teeth scaled once every six months so that the deposition of plaque does not fatal to your health. Earlier, I did not pay attention to this but one day, when I suddenly had a bad toothache, I realized the gravity of the statement. Although I was not sure, when I got my teeth checked at a local dental clinic, I was recommended to get my teeth scaled. I decided not to delay the inevitable and started looking for reputed dentists nearby. After searching for several hours, I came across the name of Dr. James Rutledge and after giving it a thought, I scheduled an appointment for the very next day. I reached the clinic a bit early to avoid missing my appointment. I went straight to the receptionist’s desk to get an assurance about my appointment. I got two things from her – A rude confirmation and a nasty vibe. I decided to ignore it. After waiting for half an hour, I went to the loo. As soon as I stepped in, I had no choice but to step back out. Trust me, it was the dirtiest toilet I had ever see in my entire life. The smell was so horrible. I rushed out of there and came back to the waiting room. Finally, I was told to go into the doctor’s cabin by the receptionist. I went in and sat down after greeting the doctor. It seemed that Dr. James was quite infuriated that day given the fact that – 1) He did not greet me back and 2) he was cursing someone on the phone. I had to wait for his cursing session to get over. I looked around and seeing all the instruments scattered all around, I thought to myself that maybe I am at the wrong place. The doctor was done with his phone and seeing this, I explained my condition. He did not take much if an initiative to check my teeth himself. I showed him and all he told me to come back after a few days. I was given a prescription by his assistant and was told to follow the instructions which I did. After a week, I went in and was again made to wait outside the doctor’s cabin. After I went in, I saw the doctor sitting impatiently. He told me to get ready ‘fast’. I could not help but notice the instruments lying around were all rusty and not cleaned properly. I finally settled into the chair after fidgeting for quite some time. The procedure started. The doctor did not use anesthesia and he chose to use a manual scaler instead of the electronic one. As the doctor was in a hurry, he cut my tongue as well as the gums with the blade he was using. After this, he used a sharp instrument which made another cut on my lips. Instead of apologizing, he blamed for being too unsteady. The process was complete and I did not feel any improvement. I decided to get out of that place as soon as I could. Let me tell you this, despite all the feathers in his cap – Dr. James Rutledge is nothing more than an unprofessional moron who somehow managed to get a doctor’s degree.

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