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Published: 01 August 2017

Posted by: James P. Hanson

This report has been written according to the medical board record no. A 68873. There were different disciplinary actions taken that included the renewal of the license, etc.
In California, Dr. James Sears is one of the famous stars of a well-known TV show. Basically, he is a doctor but he is leaving that show because of the fact that the police has started to investigate him. There is a TMZ report according to which this doctor is being investigated as he probably threatened a man that he will kill him. This case is also related to a woman; the doctor was supposed to be involved with this woman.
There a weird incident was experienced in the previous month. The authorities report that there was a woman at Dr. James Sears’ home in the region of Huntington Beach. At that time, suddenly there were many things that took a twist in a very strange way. The accurate details of that incident have still not been told to people in the news, however, it was noticed that the woman became uncomfortable at the doctor’s home. As a result, she had to call her ex-boyfriend to come to his home and drop her at her place.
At the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, he seemed to be really helpful. He assisted to escort her from the doctor’s house. It was the time when all of the hell was supposed to break loose. The authorities of law enforcement were told by that woman that the doctor called her ex-boyfriend and started to insult him. Her ex-boyfriend was recognized to be Pete Scalisi. The doctor also told her ex that he had kidnapped that woman. The situation was really weird already and it became even more bizarre. Actually, Dr. James Sears made everything worse than before. The doctor chased her ex and then threatened him at his own house.
The bio of Dr. James Sears shows that he follows lots of doctors. This list of doctors also includes the names of his father and brother. They are William Sears and Robert Sears respectively. The doctor completed his education from St. Louis University School of Medicine. He specialized in the field of Pediatrics. There is a winning physician of the Emmy; he is also considered to be a published author. He also appeared in different TV shows multiple times. It has been revealed by a background check that the doctor is also called Jim Sears as well as James Michael Sears. There are no exact words for explaining the situation when the doctor left the TV show officially. The investigation is still continued and the police officers are doing their job.
There are some other stories related to this case as well. They have been posted on Facebook and other social media. The actual conclusion would be found out when the investigation gets completed. Probably after that, the people will be given a clear answer that why the doctor is actually leaving the TV show.

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