Dr. James Vlahos

A scammer who is selling low-quality veneers to his patients

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Jean

He is a thief who is robbing people blind. He charged me around $9,000 for the veneers I got for my teeth. They were supposed to last for years but they turned yellow within 6 months. Dr. James is cheating his customers and he should be punished. He doesn’t give a damn about the well-being and health of his patients. He even used a cheap bonding agent for sticking those cases to my teeth. That’s why my teeth now have stains and they’ve been damaged. They ‘ve become sensitive. All that’s all because of this arrogant crazy-ass dentist. He claims to be a caring and experienced professional but he is neither of those things. He is just a liar who is claiming to be an expert in something he’s not. I doubt if he even has proper credentials to be a dentist too. He is just a greedy monster who takes advantage of people’s innocent and trust. I found out about Dr. James’ clinic which he calls Dr. James Vlahos Cosmetic & General Dentistry, online. I had heard a lot about it locally. It has a mixed reputation in the area. Some people claim that Dr. James is a good professional while others say he’s a scam. I’ve become a part of the latter group as well. He has scammed many people. He pretends to be an expert and those who think he’s a great dentist, they have never gotten a serious procedure from Dr. James. If they had, they would’ve found out about the incompetence and ignorance of this guy too. He behaves really professionally and it doesn’t seem like he is a fool, to be honest. When I had gotten my procedure done, I was very glad about the results. I just didn’t’ know that he had used some really cheap material for the veneers. They turned yellow within 6 months and they were looking really disgusting. When I tried to contact his clinic, they didn’t respond. So I went to another clinic where the dentist removed them and then informed that the bonding agent of those low-quality veneer cases had damaged my teeth as well. Now, because of the negligence and incompetence of Dr. James, I have a problem of sensitive teeth too. He not only wasted my $9,000 but he also ruined my dental health. Like I said before, he is an incompetent, ignorant and careless professional. I visited his clinic later to discuss this issue. He just said that the cases could have turned yellow because I didn’t maintain proper hygiene. And that’s just bullshit. Even he knew that he was lying when he made that claim. This guy gave me cheap veneer cases and then didn’t even accept his fault. I didn’t get any refunds from his clinic and I don’t think that they’ll ever issue a refund to me. All I know is that I won’t recommend this place to anyone.

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