Dr. Jay Lieberman

A doctor goes crazy – binds and assaults wife and extorts money from patients!

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Published: 23 August 2017

Posted by: Donald K. Heath

I recently read that a 59-year old man, Dr. Lieberman, went home with the intention of binding and battering his wife just because he wanted to steal her golden rings. I cannot believe what I read! What kind of a world am I living in where doctors strangle their wives in spare time while they are saving other people! The problem is that this bastard thought that he is God. Maybe he’s a junkie, who knows? I know many surgeons that drink a lot because of shivering hands and I thank god that I’m not sick or anything to hand my life over to a man who batteries his wife! HEY! That is the worst case scenario ever!
Yes, darling, I’m home and bam! She’s down! Why? Maybe all those corpses gave him a reason to live. What a psycho! I will make a movie on him!
As the police stated in their investigations, he entered his home through the garage and the first thing he did was confront his wife in their bedroom. Maybe he’s impotent and because of that, he wanted to test the bondage and sadism in order to give his wife pleasure. But he played too much and that resulted with her screaming and calling for help. What a lunatic!
I even read that he hit his woman with a sock filled with a rock! That is sheer creativity! I would personally adore doing that to him. Maybe in the past, somebody hit him so hard that he went home and got fucked up. I don’t know and I don’t care! All I know is that this man should be in prison for a long time or maybe in a nuthouse so that he could drool while watching the same spot over and over again.
Oh, he taped a bag to her mouth, bound her hands so that she wouldn’t escape! Maybe he came and said to his wife: “Darling, let’s play the sadist game”. She applied: “No!”, and he said, “Ok, let’s start!” I’m joking right now but how crazy could you be to do that to your own wife! She is his wife, for heaven’s sake!
She couldn’t breathe so the doctor in him protested and he removed the bag off from her mouth and she escaped. Clever woman but a stupid as a shit doctor! And that is the kind of people we rely on in hospitals these days. I don’t want to generalize but even if 4 perfect of the doctors all over the world are like this crazy guy, we are doomed! He laughs, operates and now he is playing a sadistic game.
Next thing I read was that he protested for the holocaust and he was arrested for that too. I don’t like to judge somebody because of their religion but in this case, he protested because he wanted insurance for his suffering. I don’t know a lot but to me, that sounds fucking hypocritical because all he wants is money.
Maybe that was the reason for his sudden act of craziness, I don’t know, but he really reflected his Jewish character here! Of course, I apologize to anyone who thinks that I’m a racist but this doctor is an example and because of that example, everybody thinks that Jews are greedy.
And the worst part is that he is charged with about as many offenses as there are in the book starting from weapon assault, false imprisonment, domestic violence and an attempt to commit a felony that could cause death. That means that he will be out in no time at all. Maybe he will rest a little in a cell from his patients’ dollars but after everything has settled, he will walk freely to make another round.
Maybe he will continue to cure people. On the black market, but fuck it, it is a job, right? So when I think about him, I don’t have anything to add. It says in one of the news reports that he once tried to force one of his patients in staying at his hospital on the pretense of extra caution. What a crazy, greedy person!
The sad part of this whole business is that there is absolutely no way for us to know which doctor is a crazy asshole and which one is not. Maybe, they all get crazy at some point in time but I won’t speculate. They watch death all around; everybody would go crazy in that environment. But this one has gone too far!
My only advice to you good folks is to stay the hell away from this crazy bastard ‘cos who knows who he has in his sights next! Be smart people! People like Jay fucking Lieberman lurk in many hospitals of many corners of the world!

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