Dr. Jeffrey R. Lagrasso, MD

Dr. Jeffrey R. Lagrasso, MD Review

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Published: 04 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wish that I wouldve looked all over the internet before selecting this HORENDOUS surgeon to completely BOTCH my body. Ive found on countless websites that I am certainly not his first victim and I certainly wont be his last. I went to visit Dr. Jeffery LaGrasso at his Miami office… (or so I thought it was his office) He was charming and sounded like a well versed surgeon… but he was just a salesman. I scheduled my surgery without even investiigating other physicians.. (totally my fault). On the day of my surgry it was like a ZOO. First the office rudly demanded that I hadnt paid, which I had paid in full… then they tell me that Im not set for my procedure..WHICH i was. I started to feel sick to my stomach about the whole thing…finally things are worked out.. and I dont even get an APPOLOGY from anyone, INCLUDING LaGrasso. My surgery goes fine…. or so I think. I end up with a terrible infection… so bad that Im hospitalized! Once Im released and I go home to admire my new behind… YUCK it looks disgustingly uneven. When I confront LaGrasso about a refund he tell me that “It isnt his clinic and I cant make those decisions.” What a DIRTBAG! Long story short… DONT TRUST Jeff LaGrasso to touch your body!! .

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