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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Annette

They don’t show you the full picture. Dr. Jeremy Green isn’t a reliable and responsible dermatologist. He is a criminal, a crook. He is irresponsible and disrespectful. He put my life at risk through his careless behavior. He doesn’t treat his patients with attentiveness. In fact, he doesn’t care about his patients at all. And when he makes some mistake, he denies it completely; typical negligent behavior. Dr. Green shouldn’t be allowed to practice. He threatened me when I tried to file a lawsuit against him. He is an immoral and degenerate human being. Do you know what he did to me?

I had visited his clinic after being referred to by my physician. I was supposed to get screened for skin cancer. I was exhibiting some symptoms of the same so it was advised that I visit his clinic and get checked for the same. Now, anyone who has been told that he might have skin cancer would be scared and under a lot of pressure. And I was. But this guy showed no emotion. He was talking to me about my sickness like it was nothing. I didn’t like his behavior at the time. And I pointed it out. I think my response stung him because he told me that I didn’t have skin cancer. According to him, I had some simple allergic reaction and I shouldn’t worry much. I was happy to find that out. The only thing is, he made a wrong diagnosis. Now, whether he did it deliberately or by mistake is beyond my comprehension. All I know is that this guy made a wrong diagnosis and told me that I didn’t have cancer when in fact, I had it. That day changed my life. If I had found out about my disease earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted my time focusing on other aspects of my life. I started treating my skin condition like it was nothing. But it kept worsening. My physician told me to visit Dr. Green again and he prescribed me some medicine to sooth the burning sensation, etc. After spending months, yes MONTHS, with that misconception, my physician told me to see an oncologist and I did. There, I found out that I had stage-III cancer. I have skin cancer. Now its treatment is really difficult and the doctor says that it’ll soon reach stage-IV after which, I have no hope of survival. I tried to file a lawsuit against him for malpractice but I wasn’t able to file it. He threatened me and told me that I should focus more on getting my treatment than spending money on fighting him. He also told me that he was a successful doctor with access to the biggest lawyers in the city. That guy is a monster. I have tears in my eyes when I’m writing this complaint. Think about what you want, but I know this guy’s real side. This guy is a monster, a heartless monster. Don’t trust him.

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