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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We have been long waiting for an appointment with Rosenblum, Jerry L. MD, MPH in the St. Luke’s Hospital (314-577-5647) (the 1st one was cancelled but after some heavy lifting and begging our daughter’s pediatrician to intervene because our child was in pain we got it back). When we got to the office on April 23, my daughter’s medical records where not transferred to the Dr. Rosenblum’s office. The nurse asked me to sign a medical release form again (the other office with the original medical records already received my release form with instructions to send the medical records for the appointment with Dr. Rosenblum scheduled for April 23 ). Dr. Rosenblum examined my daughter and listened to our concerns. He mentioned that there is a big book about GI issues but he did not provide us with any useful information or hints. I really wonder whether he read that big book. On the end he said that because he does not have the medical records he cannot advise us about anything. He said that he will look into it, let us know, and walked us out of the examination room. What a big waste of our time! Because this is very important for us the next day April 24, I called Dr. Rosenblum’s medical records ( 314-577-5647 option 4), they told me that they do not have my daughter’s medical record. I called the office 314-577-5647 option 6), the office staff told me that they did not receive it either. I called the other office and asked why they did not send the med. records over to the Rosenblum’s office. The staff told me that both offices are electronically connected and that they should be able to see all the med. records. I called Rosenblum’s offica again and the office staff asked me to fill out the release form. I have explained that it was already done. She said that she will investigate it and get back to me. I called Dr. Rosenblum’s office again but a different option (314-577-5647 option 2) and left a message literally begging them to obtain the records ASAP as my daughter is in pain so that the doctor can advise us soon. I was unable to reach anyone in the Dr. Rosenblum’s office that would care about this sick child so I drove to the St. Luke’s office myself to talk to someone. I was told that there that the office manager, the nurse are not there, that the doctor is on vacation (she did not know when he will be back) and that she is there alone. I told the front desk lady to tell the doctor that “he left for vacation leaving a sick child behind” and then I simply left without any drama. Dr. Rosenblum left for his vacation leaving a sick child with no prescription, no diagnosis, no treatment, no options, no date of return, no nothing. My daughter is in pain every day and in bed most of her time during the past weeks. We have lost a precious time, need to start all over again finding a doctor who cares, and waiting for an appointment day. This is a horrible service Dr. Rosenblum and his office provided to us. Someone did not do his or her job. Dr. Rosenblum should have someone from his staff working on obtaining of the medical record while we were there in the examination room but for some reason this did not happen. All what happened the next day after the doctor’s visit was unnecessary cumbersome and frustrating. The next week we got a phone call from Kim from the office who could not hide being excited about telling us that and that she is in power: “Due to the hostile situation in the office Dr. Rosenblum does not agree with providing us with further care.” WOW! We did not plan to see this office after the first experience and the last reaction of their team just sealed the deal. Dr. Rosenblum should retake his hippocratic oath and fire people around him who are so conformable with their jobs.

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