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Avoid this doctor! Waste of time and money!

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Manley

This Friday, went to see Dr. Joe Wilson. My appointment was at 9:45 AM and I told the doctor that I don’t usually go to see a doctor but my shoulder and knee pain is bothering me. I thought he was going to diagnose the issue and try to feel my shoulder as I move it around to try and figure something out. I hoped he will make an effort and help me out.

I was in the room by like 9:40, a bit earlier than my appointment and I was there until 10:30 AM when Dr. Romero decided to do his damn job. He was quite busy with his phone calls all the fucking time.

He didn’t do anything. He just walked in and asked me if I have done anything to trigger this pain I told him no and he wrote in for x-rays, blood and urinal test. I really didn’t know if there was any need for a blood test for my pain but I am not the doctor, he is, so I had to listen to him. I went for x-rays to the place which was recommended by him, must be taking a commission from this department. The lady told me my doctor should follow up within 2 hours because he’d get the x-rays within about an hour. I DIDN’T GET A CALL. The weekend passed and I called him up, I believe it was early Tuesday and the lady at the front desk looks up and says nothing wrong came up in the x-rays so I ask “What’s wrong with me then? I’m still having pain, you know” she recommended I come back in for another visit and I can be sent out for an MRI. This was just a way to extract more money from an innocent patient, I told her the damn truth. I said “This sounds like you just want more money from me” I also told her that the Doctor didn’t do anything to try and diagnose the problem and she replied she could have the doctor call me.

After the MRI being done, I was told to wait for 3 days. Right after then I went up to the clinic to collect my report but this time also the lady didn’t show up with the report. This was turning out to be very disgusting and irritating as the service was not good at all. After a few days, I went directly to the doctor’s clinic. I couldn\’t believe my eyes when I saw that he was busy taking a nap in his chair. He suddenly woke up as I told him that he had crossed his limit and if I had to wait this long for a doctor to respond then he must think I am a fool. I’m never going back to his clinic.

I made a complaint with my insurance on the quality of care provided by this doctor. I will be following up with them as well.

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