Dr. John H Penny Jr, DDS PA

One of the customers said that the staff was very unprofessional and rude!

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to John H. Penny recently as this guy was claiming that he provides the highest quality of dental care. And in simple words, this guy is a fucking moron, he is more dumb and ignorant than Forest Gump. My experience with this guy has been nothing short of horrible. I would not even want my enemies to use his fucking services. His fellow doctors are unprofessional and the staff is also untrained.
The priority of the doctors should be to treat their patients with care whenever they consult them. But the doctors at John H. Penny Jr., DDS, PA are the worst at this thing and they don’t know how to satisfy their patients, I went there to seek immediate help as my face swole and one of my teeth I needed a root canal. The doctor at John H. Penny Jr., DDS, PA was very unprofessional and he didn’t listen to my problem at all, he was lost in his thoughts and mobile phone and insisted him to remove my wisdom teeth. I left the office terrified, defeated and crying cause of the pain I was in. Since then John H. Penny Jr., DDS, PA are spamming me with calls and emails, I get at least 12 emails and 4 calls from their office every day asking me to pay for the bill which my insurance company didn’t cover. They claimed that my insurance will work with their services however, my insurance guy told me that they don’t cover his clinic. I am really disappointed with the services I got at John H. Penny Jr., DDS, PA and don’t recommend it to anyone . In my opinion, these guys are nothing but money hungry assholes who don’t give a shit about their patients’ well being or health, just throw them some money and that’s all they need.
My friend who came to his clinic a year before me had the same problem and said that John H. Penny only cares about making money. She went there for an extraction and was charged for $600 for 1 molar; the doctor asked her if she wanted to have a bone graft done for another $400 but she denied to it. Well, later on, she got to know that the doctor had also done a bone graft which she didn’t accept, the woman, later on, apologized to her and said that she could lose her job if she tried to correct her. This made my friend furious as she was billed a huge amount. She was disappointed with the services she had at John H. Penny Jr., DDS, PA not only they were unprofessional but they denied to give her any kind of refund.
He urged that you have to treat your patient with care. A dental clinic should always maintain a healthy relationship with their customer so that they don’t feel any anxiety but John H. Penny doesn’t realize that.

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