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Please get your dental treatments fixed from some other dentist rather than him!

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Published: 06 August 2019

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I am a 35-year-old male, and I was recently suffering from gum disease. The disease was not very common but fortunately, it had a cure. Gum disease was causing me different kind of issues such as bad breath, red, swollen or bleeding gums and sometimes chewing was also painful. I had already lost 2 of my rare tooth due to this disease and was desperately looking for a dentist who was suitable for curing it as soon as possible. After a quick search on the internet, I found Dr. John Highsmith best for the job. My appointment was made and I went to the clinic soon after.
I was kept waiting for about an hour when one of the staff members came up and informed me that the doctor is facing some kind of difficulty himself and will leave the clinic soon, so my appointment was postponed to the next day. I was disappointed but didn’t bother much about it and went away. I came in the next day and again had to wait for 30 minutes when the dentist finally called me in. He requested me to sit in the recliner and then kept himself busy with the phone call. I pardoned myself to have a conversation with him but he was still busy on the phone call. It took him around 45 minutes to get back to me. Till now I understood that the doctor is very time-consuming.
He came back to me and diagnosed me and it was found out that my gums are infected with Periodontitis, it was a serious gum infection and it had done all the damage to my gums. The doctor was very much furious with my health and scolded me for not brushing twice daily and kept on boasting about himself for long, treatment would have been better than the long-lasting lecture. He finally proceeded with the treatment. He made my gums numb and started removing dead, damaged and infected tissues from them but along with that, he pulled out two more teeth saying they were infected too. I already did the checking before and it was nothing as such, then he offered me to replace the damaged tooth with a new one, the price of the new teeth was very high and I only came for my gum disease and I could not afford other complications. I refused his offer and told him to fix my gums only, but he didn’t listen to me and told me that the gums can only get better if the tooth is replaced. I had no other option so I told him to replace my tooth finally. There were teeth’s of different range and even after knowing my financial condition he chose the most expensive tooth and fixed it without even letting me know. I was told about the same during the time of billing and now that the teeth have already been fixed I had to pay the extra money uselessly. I would never suggest a dentist who does his work for money and not for the satisfaction of his patient.

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