Dr. John M. McKnight MD

The worst doctor ever!

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Published: 09 July 2019

Posted by: Marcelino

Dr. John M. McKnight is literally the worst doctor I have ever had in my life and I am not exaggerating man. This guy has a rating for 4.4 stars on Google Maps and that itself is a total fraud. Most of the reviews on him are fake ones that are written by some fucking freelance scums. I was fooled by those reviews because I trusted them and thought that they were legit. If the reviews were real then he would not have anything more than 2 stars there. Dr. John McKnight’s manners are fucked up. He talks to the patients in such a way like they were a kid. I tried to tell him my symptoms and he just nodded and ignored my whole fucking input. He tries to get the appointment done as fast as possible. He is not helpful at all. There was one time when I was crying from the pain I was suffering from and I could not disclose the cause of pain here. And when I came to him, he told me,” It is probably nothing you baby”. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? Is that statement supposed to help me in any way possible? He does not give a single fuck about you and his selfish ass does not know anything about referrals. He is not a great specialist but his greed makes sure that you don’t get to know that. He puts on a show in front of every patient to get them distracted from reality. This is not the only incident where Dr. John McKnight showed his true colours, one time I was feeling some discomfort on my arm so I went to him, he told me to buy a brace from CVS! WHY? JUST WHY?! I don’t have a money tree in my fucking house, I wanna use my insurance for these medical shit. I pay for the health insurance I have and it is totally unnecessary for me to use my cash for making such purchases. After some time, he just told me, “You can make a fuss about it but I ain’t gonna write the prescription”. That was just cruel and disrespectful, I was feeling a lot of pain in my arm and even he realized it, and even after that, he didn’t give me a prescription. I would advise everyone to stay the fuck away from this bastard. He is just going to make you angry with his little games and arrogance. He likes to irritate his patients and test their patience. I wasted quite a lot of money on his sorry ass and my experience was nothing short of horrible. If you are looking for a great doc, then keep on looking because this guy is not that. In the end, it is your decision where you want to go or not, all I want to do with this article is to show you the reality of Dr John McKnight. I hope you learned something of value from it.

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