Dr. John Moore III

Dr. John Moore to do 20 months prison time

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Published: 20 August 2017

Posted by: Harry E. Saulsbury

Dr. John Moore III pleaded guilty to seven charges, including running a pill mill at his office and distributing felony drugs. The Greene County doctor did this between 2009 and 2014, according to court documents. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison on May 26th. He was indicted in September 2015.
Originally, he was indicted related to improper prescription drug activity at the Synergistic Health Center, his office, on 44 counts. At that time, charges included theft, forgery, conspiracy and aggravated trafficking in drugs. He had nearly &100,000 seized from him in June 2014, after a raid of his offices. An investigation had been going on for two years.
As a result of a plea agreement, prosecutors reduced the charges to 7. He will pay more than $80,000 in restitution and other fees. He pleaded guilty to permitting drug abuse, four counts of drug trafficking, Medicaid fraud and theft. The 37 other charges were dropped by the court and it was decided that civil restitution and other collateral matters will not be pursued.
Voluntarily, Moore reported to be fingerprinted and photographed at the Sugarcreek Twp. Police Department. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office assigned a special prosecutor to handle Moore’s case.
Formal actions against John Moore are as follows:
On 13th November 2002, he was found guilty of one felony count. He had made false statements about health care matters.
On 14th May 2003, the board stayed the permanent revocation of his medical license. However, he was subjected to an indefinite suspension that would go on for at least two years. He would have to fulfil conditions before he could be reinstated. Subsequently, he had to abide by the limitations, conditions and terms of probation for at least 3 years. The order was effective from 5th June 2003.
On 19th June 2003, there was court action based on the board appeal dated 14th May 2003 that the doctor had filed with Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.
On 24th June 2003, the court entered a file at the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. It granted Moore a stay motion on the board’s suspension order, as long as the appeal was still pending.
On 7th December 2006, the Court of Common Pleas, Franklin County said that the board’s 14th May 2003 order was entitled to be enforced. The reason given was that the court’s own order dated 24th June 2003 that had stayed the original order had expired. The doctor’s license was suspended by the original order, and conditions were established before reinstatement could be considered. He also had to follow through on probationary terms, limitations and conditions.
On 9th March 2007, the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas confirmed that that the order filed by the board on 14th May 2003.
On 12th February 2009, Moore’s request that his license be reinstated was approved by the vote of the board. The doctor still had to take and pass the SPEX, and would also be subject to the terms and conditions specified in the probation by the order that was established on 14th May 2003 by the board order.
On 10th September 2009, Moore’s probation was modified. The doctor proposed a modified practice plan and this was granted by a vote of the board.
On 15th April 2010, the doctor requested that he be allowed to make reduced number of personal appearances. The board voted that he only had to make such appearances every six months.
On 13th May 2010, Moore sought further modifications to his probationary terms. He requested that be allowed to open his own practice. The board took a vote and granted this change in his practice plan.
On 10th June 2010, he asked for approval of a new practice plan. The board vote granted him this.
On 14th March 2012, Moore asked for a release from the terms of the 14th May 2003 board order. The board took a vote and granted him this. The order was effective from the 31st of March 2012.
On 11th May 2016, the Greence County Court of Common Pleas filed charges based on Moore’s conviction: one felony count of Medicaid fraud, four felony counts of trafficking in drugs, one felony count of permitting drug abuse and one felony count of theft. The notice of opportunity for the hearing was mailed on the 12th of May 2016.
On the same day, Moore’s medical license was suspended immediately. This was based on the fact that he had pled guilty to one felony count of permitting drug abuse as well as four felony counts of trafficking in drugs at the Greene County Court of Common Pleas. The order was effective from the same day, and the pre-hearing suspension was pursuant to Section 3719.121 of the Ohio Revised Code.

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