Dr. John P. Warr DDS

Dentist Cum Extortionist. Beware.

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Published: 10 November 2018

Posted by: Olivia

A senior peaceful lady will surely get disturbed and panicked to find recurrent threatening letters from someone when she has nothing to do with it!

Have you been looking forward to visiting Dr. John P. Warr DDS for fixing your dental health? Then let me confess the truth of this dentist. That’s a monstrous soul behind the kind face. This man has actually threatened by mother for paying the bills of her daughter that is my sister. My mother is a senior citizen and was not even a patient of Dr. John P. Warr DDS.
You might be impressed by the excellent reviews and the happy things people say about this person but my family and I had experienced the worst nightmare because of this man. My sister visited him for a dental checkup and was not quite happy with the treatment. Since then, I guess this Dr. John P. Warr DDS maintains a department of professional extortionists that have found the address and telephone number of my mother who lives far away from us in the different parts of Michigan in peace. The tracked the address and keep sending her threatening letters on an on. The content of those letters are mainly written about the legal steps this man and his team is going to take if she don’t pay them.
Any rational being will believe it that why on earth my senior mother has to drag into this mess when she has nothing to do with it! She was not even a past patient for which they might have the contact details. Perhaps they Googled or did some breaching to track our old lady to send across the extortion letters and messages. It took a serious turn when my mother found it difficult to come outside the house for buying the minimum household stuff for livelihood.

We later on found that the Dr. John P. Warr DDS has hired a collection agency that was sending the threatening messages to our mother claiming that they will enforce some verbal agreement and then will access my sister’s account on our mother’s name. Are they serious!!! Have anyone have heard of such frivolous thing! I wonder.

When we asked them to show relevant proof against us, they didn’t have anything to show. I think all they that Dr. John P. Warr DDS and the collection agency aimed was to harass my mother by sending the threatening letters on and on to create a dread.

By extorting an elderly lady- Dr. John P. Warr DDS and his team wants to clear the unpaid bills when he was supposed to contact the actual patient. My mother was not even a guarantee or an ex patient of this devil dentist.
Against the dreadful letters, we answered them back by mentioning to contact the actual person that didn’t pay the doctor. But I don’t know, they hardly bothered and keep harassing my mother. Do you think that legally correct? I am looking forward to take a legal action against the extortion which Dr. John P. Warr DDS and the collection team has done to us and it’s also a matter of defamation. I’m talking to experts to bring a suite for the harassment and defamation by aged mother has faced because of them.
You must be wondering to visiting a nice dentist who is good in his work, fix your dental problems you suffer from. But at the same time, you’ll also want the person to have a nice heart. But this John P. Warr is not at all a friendly person. He doesn’t have any sense of respect for elderly citizens. Instead of ensuring them peace, he along with his teams of hired hooligans keeps tapping the patients’ relatives and extort them for the unpaid bills. Is this right? Is this what you’ll want? The most agonizing part is that when you have to go through the terrible consequences of receiving threatening messages and letters when you’re not at all involved with the whole thing.

I simply became tired of letting him know that my mother who is a senior citizen has nothing to do with the unpaid bill payments of my sister, but John P. Warr and his collection team didn’t leave us alone which is very insulting, embarrassing and dreadful. My mother became panicked and she is a diabetic. She is now under strong drugs and doctor has asked her to take ample rest to cross over the phase otherwise she might have had a terrible heart attack. Now who is going to be responsible if anything bad happen to her!! So, please, if you’re wondering to visit John P. Warr for your dental problems, think twice. He is a senior citizen extortionist and a terrible human being without any such doubt.

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