Dr. John S. Blanco MD

Dr. John Blanco is a scammer and nothing else.

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Elke

He doesn’t have any proper expertise. He has a horrible billing department for which he takes no responsibility. According to him, he isn’t accountable for the bills his clinic sends to his customers. He doesn’t hesitate in using harsh language on the customers and from what I understand, he lacks basic soft skills and ethics too. He is a greedy scumbag who is scamming the innocent parents who visit his clinic. I don’t think you should avail his services because you might end up losing a great deal of money as I did.

I had taken my son to Dr. Blanco because he got injured. Dr. Blanco provided him with proper treatment and I was happy with his service. His staff told me that I’d have to pay them using a card or cash because my insurance plan wasn’t accepted. I paid them the full amount, which was quite high. Until then, I had no problems with these guys. I thought Dr. Blanco’s clinic was a great place to visit and I even recommended him to some of my friends. Later, I got a notification from my insurance company that they had paid Dr. Blanco’s clinic for the invoice they had received. I was surprised and shocked even. That’s because I had paid the invoice already and according to Dr. Blanco’s staff, they hadn’t even sent an invoice to my insurance company because they couldn’t accept payments from the same. the amount was quite high so I was really disappointed. I immediately contacted Blanco’s clinic. And that’s when I realized that this place is a sham. The staff started giving me vague and nonsensical replies such as ‘Sir, I can’t hear you’, ‘We’ll look into the matter sir’, and ‘I think you’re mistaken’. They were implying that I was contacting the wrong place. they were acting indifferently as if nothing had happened at all. I contacted Dr. John Blanco, but he denied any occurrence of this sort. I had already checked with my insurance company and I was certain that they hadn’t made any mistakes on their part. They had received an invoice from Blanco’s place nearly a week after I had visited that place with my kid.

I contacted Blanco’s clinic again and asked for a refund but they denied it. They won’t reimburse my amount and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost that money. But I’ve also realized that they are big time scammers. They are lying to people, pretending that they care and robbing them blind. The financial loss Blanco’s clinic has caused me is humongous and I don’t know how I’ll get over it. All I know is that Blanco’s place was a terrible choice. I’m not taking my kid to his place anymore. He double billed me and the way he responded has confirmed my suspicion. He is a thief and I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone else at all. You should go someplace else and find some other doctor too.

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