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Avoid him at all costs!

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Published: 09 July 2019

Posted by: Christiana

I called Dr Jonathan C. Smith many times but no one picked up the phone. This went on for more than 3 months. I wanted to schedule an appointment as I thought I had a deviated septum. I never received a call back from Dr Jonathan’s office so I finally decided to drive to the office and make the appointment myself in person. The gal who was in the reception counter told me to take a seat and wait for 30 minutes. After about 40 minutes she gave me the paperwork to fill out, I told her that I have already filled out the paperwork online but she made me do it again anyway. I waited another 20 minutes after which a lady with a needle on her hand came walking towards me, it was like she was going to give me some kind of shot, she came close to me and said “you know what to do Kelly” I told her that I’m not Kelly then she just said, “Oopsie! I guess I messed up a little sorry”. IN this waiting room I almost got an allergy shot for an allergy I did not even have so I went out of this room. After ten minutes I was finally called for my appointment which was a relief. After I got back to the room the girl there told me that the doctor will be using a tool to look inside my nose so she will have to apply some numbing spray on it. I didn’t seem like a big deal so I did not resist. I entered the doctor’s office where Dr Jonathan quickly determined that I do have a deviated Septum after shining his flashlight directly at my face. It literally took him 5 minutes to get the appointment done and now my fucking nose was numb because of that girl, Dr Jonathan never used any tool. He said that I will have to get the surgery scheduled as soon as possible. In the 5 minutes during which the whole appointment lasted, I was not given a chance to ask any questions and he did not even bother to explain my situation. When I walked out I asked the receptionist if I could have a small chat with Dr Jonathan, as soon as I said that the other girls and the receptionist started looking at each other and said that he has left for today. I filled out the paperwork for the surgery, the receptionist told me that the surgery guy will soon call to talk to me. I was hoping to get a chance to talk about and discuss my issue with Dr Jonathan. I have not received a single call from Dr Jonathan’s office ever since that visit and it has been a good 50 days. I haven’t seen such poor customer service anywhere else and I felt really infuriated by their behaviour. I would have really gone to a different ENT doctor. I would strongly advise that you avoid Dr Jonathan C. Smith.

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