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Avoid this fraud since he will ruin your life

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Published: 01 October 2018

Posted by: andy

I was really shattered with my experience when I went to Dr. Jonathan Donath at his Westchester clinic in White Plains, New York. I was doing decompression for around 4 months with the doctor and this did not work for me at all. The doctor can be a glib talker, trying to impress and charm you but it don’t work for me at all. And you know what? He absolutely guaranteed (nothing written though) that this process will get me back to full fitness. Also, I was really shocked when he tried to force me to do a video testimonial for him and his practice even when I was still in pain! Just imagine the gall of the man! He could have just shoved the camera into my face even when I was hurting.

In fact, his assistant kept playing on her cell phone while putting me on the machine at times when he was not present. I have just wasted $6000 and I’m really angry and in pain. I am suffering so much thanks to this irresponsible and untrained doctor who has taken me for a ride. I finally had to get surgery done at added costs not to mention the medical impact of the entire experience. Do not go to this fraud at all.

In fact, there are other people who have been similarly taken advantage of this quack who actually masquerades as a doctor. See this link- complaintbase.com/people-reviews/dr-jonathan-donath-joint-effort-chiropractic-dangerous-chiropractor-4735 for more information. This chiropractor not only cheated me, he also cheated other people. One of them clearly states here how the doctor cannot be certified or a real doctor at all.

This complainant states that due to huge back pain from a previous car accident, a visit to Dr. Jonathan Donath was deemed necessary. However, Dr. Donath did a correction in the wrong zone for the very first time. The patient thought he was using a technique which was different and went back for another session. This time, the patient was made to sit in a hunched position which was painful. The patient eventually got another properly skilled chiropractor for her woes. This doctor told her how she could have suffered from serious injuries with Dr. Donath. This was probably because he and other medical specialists may have known that Donath may not be properly certified at all. It is my appeal to everyone to please avoid this fraud since he will absolutely ruin your life and take your hard earned money! Go to certified chiropractors please and not this quack.

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