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my wife got saved from the trap of this money eater

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Published: 09 November 2018

Posted by: Alan

My wife Mary and I went for her eye treatment to Dr. Jose Bigles Geigel. We had heard about him through many people that he is a very patient doctor in Covington, United States. He also works in other eye care center in New Jersey. With so many people referring to him, we thought of going to his office for removing a cataract from my wife’s eye. He claims to treat a variety of ophthalmic disorders, Lasik correction and restoring vision through a cataract. My wife was recommended to this doctor a few years ago. She always went to appointment and eye checkups. We blindly believed in this doctor and thought he is an honest and a decent person. One day, he told her that she had cataracts and it needs to be removed. My wife was a bit worried because she always took care of her eyes and she could see properly. He said that during an eyes test he came to know that she has cloudiness in her eye. I advised her to get a second opinion from another doctor because I was 99 percent sure she didn’t have a cataract. I knew somewhere he was lying. After an appointment with another doctor, we came to know she didn’t even have a cataract. Dr. Jose had lied to us to get an operation done which she didn’t need.

We can’t trust such doctors who give fake news. He was deliberately trying to convince us to get the operation done. He is a fake and incompetent doctor who will try to dupe you. She would have lost her eyesight if we had listened to him. Getting your surgery done has risks if you have cataracts or not. His license should be taken away for giving false news. I don’t know if we are the only ones who have fallen prey to this but he is a scammer. Beware of him. We were lucky that we got out as soon as we came to know his real face. Guys, he is a fraud. How can someone trust this doctor if he can’t even diagnose the patients correctly? He was only behind our money from the start and didn’t care about looking from my wife’s point of view. The doctor needs to honest but doctors like him make us very vulnerable. In every appointment, we were paying a hefty amount of money. On top of that, he used to ask us to pay extra bucks for additional procedures. My wife attended him only for a simple eye checks up but he is used to loot us in the name of eye check up. My wife didn’t need such extra procedures. We thought he was such a caring doctor but he was only sugar coating things.

In my entire life, I’ve never encountered such a terrible doctor. We also came to know that he is a certified doctor. Which doctor ignores the health of his patients. Serving their patients should be their topmost priority. He has studied in good University and Medical School, but what is the use of it if he takes advantage of his degrees. He is a pure evil in disguise. He failed to provide my wife with great medical care which she needed under his guidance. I clearly don’t understand his motive behind such practices and making life hell for others. Some people can’t even afford to get their eye treatment due to low budget. He needs to get his head together or else he will have to face bad consequences. I’m totally unsatisfied by his work. He is not what he appears to be. People, please stay away from this money eater. Doctors like him are only hungry for your money without any regards to the patient’s best interest. Do your homework and investigate before taking any appointments from such doctors. Doctors like this can rip off innocent and unaware patients so beware.

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