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Published: 02 October 2018

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Doctor Joseph Nunez is a polite pediatrician – – UNTIL he is questioned. I brought my kids to him with success until I did not want to use a certain baby formula containing high fructose corn syrup which doctor Joseph Nunez recommended. (The formula I was using was an expensive organic option containing all necessary vitamins and supplements, etc. and my baby was very healthy and strong). –I wondered if when the nurse brought in the several cans of his suggested formula, if he was getting a kick-back from the company, but thats another topic. I read the ingredients on the can his nurse gave me & thanked him kindly for the suggestion, but said that I did not feel comfortable giving my adopted baby the formula, as it had sugar (dextrose, maltodextrose, etc) in it. Dr Nunez chose to act offended that I did not comply, and demanded a reason, “”WHY?”” So, I explained from extensive college nutrition classes I took and medical research has proven, that high fructose corn syrup is directly linked to and can cause diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, and heart disease, not to mention tooth decay.Dr. Joseph Nunez appeared visibly threatened by my knowledge, and raised his voice, saying to me “”DUDE!”” (I am a grown woman, not a “”dude””) “”What is your PROBLEM?! Sugar is how we get ALL of our energy!”” I said that from what I understand, that indeed natural sources of sugar are fine, such as fruits, carbs, etc. But refined sugars and those found in baby formula are not a healthy source. I just did not want to give it to my baby. He rolled his eyes, his voice getting loud, “”I give MY kids sugar, and THEY are FINE!!”” I said that high fructose corn syrup in baby formula is what is in sodas, so I suggested that maybe we could agree to disagree. At that point, he yelled at me, “”I give MY kids SODA, and they are FINE!! Are you telling me that you don’t give YOUR kids sugar?!!”” His aggressive temper was scaring me. We ended the appointment. A few days later I received a letter in the mail from his office, Pediatric Medical Group of Santa Maria. It had a WIKIPEDIA article on sugar. (The doctor is educating himself using an unacademic, non-medical, peer-written website- uhmmm.) And The letter said that my family was “”excused”” from his practice effective immediately. I was a bit surprised that Joseph Nunez was so insecure as to be afraid of a parent making their own informed decision for their baby. It seems to me that doctors are a resource in helping parents, and ought to view their role as collaborators in choosing the path that best suits the babies needs. This doctor abused his authority, not respecting the role of the parent as ultimate caretaker. I would not recommend a person such as this to “”doctor”” a child. .

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