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Published: 16 March 2019

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What happens when a doctor decides they do not like you and therefore you are worthless and shall not receive medical care that they themselves were adamant about you receiving the day before? What happens when it occurs in the emergency room? This is that story. I am between urologists as I have been looking for a urologist who treated me more like a human being rather than a number in a computer somewhere. Such is the way our medical system has been going and so, as I have a nephrostomy tube in my side with a urine bag strapped to my leg, it has been difficult to get the simple maintenance treatment i need even though i have a great PPO insurance plan. I was admitted to the ER and Dr. Joseph M. Sanchez was called in as a consult. During the consultation, he was adamant that I needed a PCN tube changed (part of my nephrostomy tube) and it needed to be changed immediately. I had gone over my medical history with Dr. Sanchez which included 3 back to back to back infections which just seemed to not want to go away. Dr. Sanchez felt that the bacteria which had been exposed to the plastic components in my kidney were likely trapping the bacteria and that was why the antibiotic treatment wasnt working. My biggest fear was that if we kept dosing me with antibiotics but not killing the infection that the infection would become immune to the Cipro I was taking. Dr. Sanchez said he held those same concerns. After he left, the ER staff told me that my swap would have to occur on the following monday (i was in on a friday) and they instructed me to leave and come back as an outpatient. They assured me that Dr. Sanchez had given the order for the procedure to be performed. When I arrived at the outpatient IRL department at the appropriate time on that Monday, I was shocked to discover that Dr. Sanchez had rescinded the order. Flabbergasted, I called his office to ask why. A girl in his office called him and then called me back to inform me that (and I quote) “Dr. Sanchez is pissed! You left the ER on friday and you were supposed to stay until the procedure was done”. I had brought my overnight bags to the ER fully ready to stay. I was more than willing to do whatever it took to get this procedure done and the only thing I did was follow doctor’s orders. When I relayed this information to Sanchez’s assistant, she replied back telling me “it wont make a difference. I already told him this and he has made up his mind.” This doctor incorrectly accused me of leaving the hospital against medical advice, would not listen to me despite the fact that I had paperwork to prove I had not, and then proceeded to put my medical well being in the trash can because….because… he was pissed at me for something I could easily prove I had not done? Is this kindergarten? Did I take his toy or something? A man who is this emotionally unstable as to do this to a patient who has tubes sticking out of his kidney and a urine bag strapped to his leg (me) should not be allowed to practice medicine or go anywhere near drugs and/or equipment that could harm a person or even end their life. What happens if someone happens to see a picture of this guys wife and decide she isn’t pretty? Is Doctor Sanchez going to slip a vial of MRSA into their open wound? Who knows? Unstable is unstable and this Doctor has demonstrated himself to be as unstable as a person can be with an eqo to match. “BAD DOCTOR” I say… BAD DOCTOR! On a side note…Dr. Sanchez. I am curious to know, what made you this way? Were you bullied as a kid? Did your wife leave you for a Doctor with a much, much larger……..um………medical practice? Why did you take out your insecurites on a helpless patient? Do you need psychoanalyzation? Im just curious why you made me pay the price? An answer would be nice. .

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