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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Helen

HE TOUCHED ME INAPPROPRIATELY when I visited his clinic for treatment! I had visited his clinic because I thought it was a great and professional place. I needed to get a root canal and I had searched online to find some great dentists in the area. The name of this monster popped up at the top so I thought it’d be okay to visit this place. I can’t tell you what a horrible mistake I made. The staff here is quite rude and doesn’t give a crap who you are and why you visited the clinic. But worse than the staff is Dr. Fein himself. That guy is a misogynist and a pervert. When I had gotten ready for the root canal, he started making comments on my body and figure. He was getting very flirtatious. I was tolerating that but then he deliberately placed his hand on my chest! I got really uncomfortable because I was in the middle of the procedure and I couldn’t get up. Not only that, he kept making pervy comments about me and my body and how he’d like to do things to my body. The entire experience was hell for me. I can’t remove his creepy look from my mind. He didn’t stop. He kept touching my breasts but pretended that he was doing it by mistake. I just wish I hadn’t visited that place at all. This horrible monster shouldn’t be allowed to work or run a clinic. When I had left that place, I was tearful. I so afraid when I was getting my root canal that I can’t even explain it in words. I had never experienced such things before. I knew the world is full of horrible people but I didn’t know that I would find one in a dental clinic. He is a terrible person. I told my family members about his shitty behavior. My dad visited the clinic and confronted that pig. But he denied everything. In fact, he said that he didn’t do anything and it was me who was ‘sexualizing’ a simple procedure. He also indirectly said that I’m a slut to think of such stuff. I’m not visiting that place anywhere in the future now. It’s because of people like Joshua that us women have to live scared. I’m just glad that I didn’t get any sedation dentistry done there otherwise he might have done more horrible things. All I know is Joshua is a terrible, heartless and immoral person. He should be thrown into prison or something. Don’t visit his clinic. And tell your female friends and relatives about the reality of Joshua too. How would you feel if your sister came home telling a story similar to mine with tears in her eyes? The worst part of all this is, this pervert doesn’t feel any remorse or guilt for his acts. He just smiles and doesn’t hesitate in putting the blame on the accuser. Don’t visit his clinic, be safe.

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