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Dr. Kashif Alvi botched a very basic prostrate surgery in Mesa Arizona

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Stephanie E. Jimenez

I recently happened to meet with the good doctor to discuss options for my prostate. He is a highly “reputed” Urologist and a surgeon and came with a recommendation. He explained about the green laser light surgery and recommended that I go ahead with that. A few days later, I visited his office again to discuss it and his recommendation had changed to Urolift. He said that he believed we should go ahead with this course of treatment.
The entire procedure took place inside his office. It was a procedure that barely took 20 minutes, throughout which I was really uncomfortable. It should have been performed with sedation in a proper hospital. I was advised after the procedure to continue on with my days normally and that I would be just fine. I was not given any information about the post-surgery precautions etc.
I went home and 6 hours later, I was found in the ER in excruciating pain. I was there for 6 long days. The first 4 days were the worst of my life with incredible pain and episodes like blood-filled urine. He took 3 days to come visit me in the hospital and it seemed to be a huge inconvenience for him. He didn’t bother to do anything, which shouldn’t have been a surprise. The doctor at the hospital insisted that something had to be done very soon but Dr. Kashif Alvi said that since it was a Saturday, it was his day off but he would send his partner.
He definitely could care less about my pain and all I seemed to be was a mighty inconvenience to him. It was very difficult to get him on the phone and he was very slow in his responses to both the hospital and me. Everything was pushed forward to his PA and seeing him was the most difficult thing in the world. I suspect reaching out to the President might’ve been easier.
He then performed the laser after things settled a bit and that is at least seeming to have worked. I was put on a catheter for a good part of a month and they were really big ones too (9 of them).
Moreover, I also had to incur a considerable added expense due to the unforeseen hospital stay and to add insult to injury, my insurance got stuck and I had to pay $37,000 from my own pocket for something that should not have happened in the first place.
4 months later, I had a follow-up appointment. I had received a bill for the first surgery for $60 which I asked to be waived given that it had been botched. He put a condition that he wouldn’t see me unless I made the payment of the $60. I had already decided to change my doctor but after that follow-up. Now, I’ll simply replace him with someone who knows his ass from his elbow.

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