Dr. Kathleen Ennabi MD

A total waste of my energy, time and money!

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Published: 09 July 2019

Posted by: Bernie

I read a couple of reviews on Dr Kathleen Ennabi on the internet and foolishly trusted them. They all stated that Kathleen was “competent”, “hard-working” and “attentive”, however, my experience with her has been a total opposite of these statements. The customer service of her facility is as bad as it can get and don’t even get me started on communication because it is just pathetic. The bill payment systems here are just going to disappoint you further. They collect the money for all the procedures and stuff up front before the insurance company even receives the bill. So if you face any overage then your insurance company is supposed to send you a check for it. One time I did not have all the money available in my account so I was not in a condition to pay the bill all at once, however, Dr Kathleen and her staff did not care about any of that. They are not flexible about the payments stuff at all, the options they provide are quite limited and if you don’t match them when they consider it your fault instead of realizing their lack of customer service. At the end I had to call up my fiancé and ask him to transfer some money so I can make the payment, they did not even allow me to leave their office before I made the payment, they were literally keeping me hostage. After I got done with these payments I was sure that I would not come back here and I actually did not. But after 4 weeks of my visit, I received a call from a collections company and they were stating that I owe Dr Kathleen Ennabi a sum of $242.00 and I should release the money before they have to take any harsh steps. I PAID THE FULL BILL! I did not owe Kathleen anything, I paid the money they requested and even after doing so, they sent my bill to the collections company. I called up the office of Dr Ennabi and told them what happened and after keeping me on hold for 20 minutes they finally apologized. All I got was a “sorry” and they hung up the phone after saying that, it was very inconsiderate and I did not expect such behaviour from such a reputed doctor’s clinic. It was a really big mistake from my end to trust them with my daughter and I would advise all the parents reading this to avoid Dr Kathleen Ennabi at all costs. I will not be taking her here ever again. They charge a lot more than other pediatricians which are much more competent than Dr Kathleen Ennabi. I would highly suggest that you research about the other options you have before settling for Dr Kathleen Ennabi. Only if I knew the reality of the Kathleen before wasting my time and energy then it would be really great. I just hope that someone learns something of value from my experience that is why I posted this review.

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