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This bitch nearly KILLED ME! And I am NOT JOKING!!!

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Published: 24 June 2019

Posted by: Heather

Whenever my husband took me to her clinic, she would ignore my husband completely as if he wasn’t even there. This was uncomfortable enough and she always tried to rush things. It felt like she wanted to get out of the clinic and get rid of the patients as fast as possible. This obviously affected her behaviour and concentration. However, all of this could have been ignored, my main issue with her was that she almost KILLED ME.

I and my husband were trying to have a baby, when I did get pregnant last year, I had a miscarriage. Before people start saying that miscarriage is common to let me tell you that YES, I know they are pretty common, however, the incident which happened afterwards is clearly not common. Dr Anger gave me two choices, either I can take the Vaginal Pills or get a D&C for the miscarriage, she told me that both of them have similar pros and cons, so I went with the vaginal pills. I went home and did the whole procedure of the vaginal pills all by myself and waited for them to work, however, nothing really happened. So I called Dr Anger’s office the next morning and she told me to give the vaginal pills another try. This time I went to the clinic for getting the pills in and just like last time, nothing happened. I have been working as a medical professional for the 14+ years and I have enough experience to know what should happen after taking the pills and I expect Dr Anger to know this as well. The next day, I and my husband went to her clinic to see if it was still there. She did the ultrasound and it was still there. I told Dr Anger many times that the pills did not work, however, she insisted that the ultrasound was showing some left-over blood and it was not something to be concerned about.

After a month, I felt a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen area in the night. I lied down in the fetal position the whole night because of the sheer pain I was in. My husband called Dr Anger’s office the very next day and asked if this pain could have been related to the miscarriage, and she clearly said NO. My husband was not satisfied with her reply and her tone so he took me a different OBGYN to get a second opinion. When the new doctor saw me, she thought that I had some issue with my appendix but after doing some tests, it was clear that it was the miscarriage.

I had to go through the same miscarriage pain and suffering again and it cost us a lot of money as well. I don’t like to write such reviews, however, I am posting this one to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Be safe 🙂

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