Dr. Kourosh Maddahi

He is a fine example of ignorance and arrogant dentistry.

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Bernardo

He gets patients through his high-profile looking website and ads. Then, he provides such pathetic treatments that the patients keep coming back to his clinic for getting more treatments. I have been duped by this terrible dentist. He had done a filling on one of my teeth. But after doing the filling, he also recommended me fillings on 3 other teeth. I didn’t know I had this many cavities. Having cavities in 4 teeth should’ve made my life hell. But he said that he had seen the cavities and it was in my best interest to get a dental filling. Well, when I got there for the treatment, he handed my case to some other dentist. He did the 3 fillings as discussed before. I thought it was alright. But those unnecessary fillings made my life worse. After a few months, I began to face toothache in 2 of those additionally filled teeth. When I consulted Dr. Maddahi for this problem, he told me that I’ll need to get another tooth extracted. Apparently, one of my teeth with a filling was rotting. I went to another dentist to get a second opinion. I had already paid Dr. Maddahi a lot for simple dental fillings. But I wasn’t certain if I needed another treatment from his clinic. After all, I had gotten the filling done in his clinic. There shouldn’t have been any such issues. The other dentist, who I had visited for a second opinion that the fillings were done really terribly and had, in fact, left an opening on those two teeth. Those openings caused an infection and that was making my life literal hell. The dentist who had done my fillings at Maddahi’s clinic had literally ruined my dental health. I needed a serious treatment for those fillings. I complained about it to Dr. Maddahi. He said he didn’t take any responsibility for this issue because this problem might have arisen because of my lack of discipline. He was saying that I didn’t maintain oral hygiene and started giving me a long lecture about the importance of hygiene. He is not a professional. He is an arrogant and stupid dentist who is too full of himself. After hearing my complaint, he also asked me where I got this idea from. When I told him I had gotten a second opinion from some other dentist, he started saying that I was a moron to go someplace else. According to him, he’s the best dentist in the entire city and there’s no dentist who can understand his level of work. He started calling that other dentist names and that was enough for me. I realized this guy is out of his mind and he just doesn’t care about his patient’s health. I have heard of negligent dentists and I’m certain that Dr. Maddahi is one of them. If I were you, I’d stay as far from his clinic as possible. This place is just not worth visiting.

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