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Dr. Larry Eckstein – arrested for selling prescribed pills

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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Robert B. Larimore

Dr. Larry Eckstein was arrested as he sold prescription pills. Basically, he sold and distributed prescription painkillers allegedly from his own practice. An investigation was carried out in the case and it lasted for one year almost. This was done by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Longmont Police of the United States.
The police found out that Dr. Larry Eckstein is accused of distributing a painkiller named Oxycodone illegally. His prescriptions are alleged by a Grand Jury indictment that comes out from the office of the Boulder District Attorneys. It is for the drugs that involved great increases with the passage of time without any sort of diagnosis. There are no plans for treatment or any supported assessment in it.
There is a special agent who is the in charge of the division of Drug Enforcement Administration’s Denver Field. His name is Barbra Roach; he said that the result of this collective investigation is what they believe to be the first and the foremost prosecution is done by a doctor at his workplace or clinic as well as outside his scope/field of practice. He said that in one of the news releases.
The police charged Dr. Larry Eckstein with a second class drug felony. There were chances that he would have to spend about 4 to 8 years in the prison. There were also some fines that ranged from $3,000 to $750,000. Presently he got free with the help of a bond of twenty-five thousand with some kind of pretrial supervision. Currently, there is no date for the trial that has been set.
The doctor has also been disciplined previously as he prescribed the medication that included narcotics. He prescribed it to that patient who got relocated to some other place. The patient was not checked for any sort of clinical examination; it has been reported by Medical Board of California. Dr. Larry Eckstein surrendered his license in the month of June in 2006 because of that incident.
The drugs charges were indicted by a boulder doctor as “doing quite well”. After that, the courtroom collapse happened. Dr. Larry Eckstein is that Boulder doctor who has indicted a great jury related to drug charges. He over prescribed the medicine named oxycodone allegedly. The medicine was prescribed to a particular undercover officer.
The doctor had to keep on standing there in the Boulder County Justice Center’s courtroom for almost ten minutes. After that, he fell down on the floor suddenly and hit a barrier. The barrio was separating the courtroom’s front and the gallery.
The people who were sitting in the gallery were requested to get out from there. This was because of the deputies, as well as the medical personnel, were there to treat the doctor. After Dr. Larry Eckstein became conscious again and he rolled on a gurney out of that courtroom. The supporters of the doctor were nodded by him. They were applauding in his exit before getting loaded into the ambulance.
It was confirmed by the officials that Dr. Larry Eckstein was treated in the hospital of the Boulder Community Health’s Foothills. After that, they released him by Tuesday in the noon.
The Defense attorney named Clifford Barnard said that the doctor did not really have a heart attack and more tests will be undergone; however, he was sent to the home at that time.
Before Dr. Larry Eckstein became unconscious, the attorneys were arguing that what should be done with the doctor, i.e. whether he should be allowed to keep prescribing drugs at his own practice after getting free or not.
A motion field was granted by a judge and the prosecutors. It included that Dr. Larry Eckstein was supposed to surrender his registration for Drug Enforcement Administration. The doctor also had some of the issues previously as well, with prescribing medicines. It was pointed out by the Deputy District Attorney named Fred Johnson.
The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies reports that the doctor has also been subjected for four of the disciplinary actions. In the year 2006, Dr. Larry Eckstein was reported to surrender his own medical license in America (California) for keep on prescribing the medication of narcotics to a patient.
The doctor also has some previous records as he failed for keeping the records of a steroid’s amount that he prescribed to a patient. It resulted in amputating the toe of the diabetic patient.
The medical license of the doctor is although active in Colorado, but it was said by Barnard in the court that the Regulatory Agencies’ Department is already aware of those allegations. Barnard also pointed out lots of those types of patients who had packed actually packed up the courtroom to be a support show for the doctor. The supporters are definitely losers here.

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