Dr. Laura L. Halvorsen

I prefer a professional and I don’t see professionalism at this practice.

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Published: 26 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t recommend Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS to any person in need of dental care treatment. The rude staff and poorly managed dentistry have driven me away from that practice. My bad experience and the lack of professionalism showed me the lack of knowledge they have inpatient care and dental care.

The staff members are not kind, nor friendly and not efficient. My dental care treatment ended up in a mess at Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS.

Insurance coverage did not work for the cost of dental care. I had to pay in cash and was disappointed with dental care and the lack of quality in this practice. They won’t go the extra mile for the patients. The dentist doesn’t explain in detail of procedures and is not friendly to patients. The hygienist is not friendly and not qualified for her job. I had a terrible experience at the dental care and would not go back there.

I had my teeth filed at Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS, the color of paste did not match my teeth color and that was a terrible job. It disappointed me to have had this procedure by an unprofessional dentist. I needed teeth cleaned, filed and paste to fill in the gaps. A different color of paste did not suit the color of my teeth. The procedure is the same for the back teeth and the front teeth. I had mine on the front teeth. I regret having it done by Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS.

The hygienists asked too many personal questions which didn’t go well by me. I brush my teeth as often as required but I have always been told otherwise by Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS.

The dentist has no quality in dentist materials. She is not clued-up about dental treatments and of oral health care. There is no kindness in staff or pleasantness in staff at Laura L. Halvorsen.

The dentist is not responsive to patient’s questions in detail. The poor skills of the dentist showed me the quality of dental care I had experienced from Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS.

My experience was not a good one instead, I had a terrible experience and will not recommend the practice to any persons in need of dental care. It is not worth spending money at by Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS. You won’t get the quality you paid for and the excellent staff who cares for patients.

The rude staff maintains no quality of dentist utensils and bad conditions of toilets have driven me away from the practice. I did not find the practice eager to inform patients about dental care for other procedures. I am not satisfied with the negligent staff and the lack of knowledge the dentist has. There is no proof of qualifications up on the walls of dental careers and of the hygienist. It is a shame to recommend Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS to other patients. I was not relaxed and comfortable at the practice. The dental staff is not well-trained for their jobs at Laura L. Halvorsen, DDS.

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