Dr. Laurene Wolf

Dr. Wolf is one of the worst orthodontists out there.

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Ricky

If you want to ruin your teeth or waste all of your money, then and only then, you should visit her clinic. For any purpose, such as to get an orthodontic treatment or braces, this place is the worst choice available. Dr. Wolf is a careless professional who doesn’t make a proper diagnosis. It’d be safer to keep a distance from her and her clinic. My experience with Dr. Wolf was terrible. It was actually my daughter’s experience who is 15. She has overcrowded teeth so I had taken her to Dr. Wolf for orthodontic treatment. Before going to her clinic, I had done my research. I had looked her up online, checked her website, read her reviews and it all seemed good. I didn’t think she’d be an idiot. At that time, she seemed like the perfect person to treat my daughter’s teeth. She did a checkup and then gave her some kind of braces. They were supposed to make the teeth align better and so, give her a better smile. But she used to be in a lot of pain. She always complained of having a strong ache in her teeth after getting the braces. When I told Dr. Wolf about this issue, her reply was not only unprofessional but also terrible. She just told me that it’s a natural occurrence because her teeth are constantly under the pressure of the braces. And she also told me that I have a wimpy kid so I shouldn’t care too much about her whining. I was shocked to get such a response from a doctor. She was meant to behave professionally, right? What kind of person says that about a child? Well, I accepted her advice. But the constant pain didn’t go. My daughter used to come to me and cry because of the toothache. After a few weeks, she started saying that she was unable to chew because of the pain she was facing. I consulted Dr. Wolf about this issue again and again, but she always told me to shrug it off and tell my kid to be braver. She was just spitting nonsense from her mouth. I took my daughter to another orthodontist who diagnosed her with TMJ! The braces had worsened the condition and because of them, she was facing a lot of difficulties. I can’t tell you how sorry I felt for my little one. Because of my foolishness, she had to face a lot of pain and agony. If I hadn’t trusted Dr. Wolf in the first place, my daughter wouldn’t have had to face so much torture. She is now getting treatment for her TMJ but I can’t forgive myself for making her go through this much pain. And I know it’s not all my fault. Dr. Wolf is at fault too. She was supposed to do a proper checkup and make a suitable diagnosis. She is a careless and pathetic orthodontist who has no idea what it’s like to treat a patient.

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