Dr. Lindley Zerbe, DDS

I didn’t know it was such a terrible place. 

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Some people are too unprofessional and incompetent to be working in any industry. Dr. Zerbe falls in that category. His clinic is terrible. His website is misleading. He should be thrown in prison for lying to the general public about the conditions of his clinic. When I had visited that place, it was full of filth and dirt. The dentists working in that clinic are too stupid. They can’t even diagnose anything properly. You can’t expect them to operate normally because they are too retarded.
When you get sick, you start looking for a good doctor, right? Similarly, when you want to get dental help, you would start looking for a good dentist.
If you are lucky, just a bit of research will lead you to the best dentist in town. On the contrary, a lot of research might also lead you to the worst clinic or dentist like Dr. Lindley Zerbe, DDS. As claimed by Dr. Lindley Zerbes, they are the best in town but different websites have shown negative comments about their services. And those reviews aren’t lying. This clinic is indeed the worst one in town. These guys don’t care about the patients, the appointments or the treatment. All they care about is money.
A friend and I wanted to get some oral treatments and we chose Dr. Lindley Zerbes for that. We had an appointment with them at 4pm and we were there right on time but the doctor came in late. Till the time we waited for the doctor, we were observing the environment of the clinic and it was so unhygienic that we became extra anxious about our treatments. I needed a root canal and sadly, the doctor has given me severe gum pain. I don’t know what he actually did but he did not inject me rightly, I could feel everything happening to my teeth and was very painful.
My friend had an extra tooth and wanted to get it removed. At first, the doctor advised her braces but when she was in the room, the doctor said that she does not need any braces and just a simple removal of the extra tooth would do it. She had no other choice and agreed to it but the doctor came on to the tooth removal very hard and we both are icing our mouth for pain relief and searching for a better dentist.
I had heard some negative reviews about them but still, I chose them for the treatment and now I am regretting over my decision. Reviewing the websites and then making your decisions is not enough. Your oral hygiene deserves the same importance other body parts get. To keep your mouth healthy and for a bright smile, make sure you choose the best dentist unlike Dr. Lindley Zerbe, DDS. Your teeth are important and investing in them I good but do not waste it on bad dental clinics.

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