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State Board rethinks revoking Dr. Loren Morgan license

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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Kenneth L. Beamer

Back in 2002, Dr. Loren R. Morgan’s medical license was revoked by the board but the revocation was stayed, and he was allowed to practice, under certain conditions, during his probation.

Here is a brief insight into how Dr. Morgan had his license revoked in 2002.
Morgan, received in his license in 1961 and in 2002, had been licensed for 46 years without ever getting a disciplinary action and that worked in his favor. Board documents cite five cases that led to Morgan’s discipline.

The documents state that back in 1999, Morgan kissed a young woman on the cheek during an appointment and stated that they loved her. At another appointment, with the same woman who was reclining in a chair with her eyes closed because of the bright light shining in her eyes, Morgan kissed her on the mouth.

In another 1999 case, while preparing an anesthetized female patient for jaw surgery Morgan lowered her gown, exposing her breasts and commented on their big size. The documents also state that during the operation, he left her breasts exposed.

In another case, in 1998, post-surgery a patient started waking up while Morgan was in conversation with another doctor over the intercom. Morgan allegedly hit the patient on the forehead with the bottom of his fist and asked him to “shut up.”

Again in 1998, while treating a child who was fussing about having an injection in his foot, Morgan threatened the boy with a spanking “longer and harder” than he ever received.

In another case from 2000, Morgan was accused of performing a surgery on the hand of a patient that was unwarranted and later not following up on the patient.

The last case is from 2002, where Morgan performed a surgery to remove fat from an obese woman, who was a high-risk patient. It was unprofessional to conduct surgery on a high-risk patient and added to that Morgan did two procedures and had consent for just one. added to that he displayed incompetence and negligence by using certain drugs to treat post-operative bleeding. The 64-year-old woman succumbed a month after surgery, her death was caused by blood clots resulting from her surgery.

The conditions of probation set by the board include Morgan to have a chaperone present when he treats a female patient. He has also to take certain training courses and undergo evaluations, and to meet other requirements.

Fast-forward 2013
State Medical Board contemplated on revoking or suspending Chico, California based plastic surgeon Loren Morgan’s license claiming that he runs an unsafe practice. Earlier in 2008 Loren Morgan’s license was put on probation. Prior to that in 2002 an accusation was filed against him claiming that the doctor acted inappropriately in relation to six patients and they were later amended in 2004 and 2005.

The new accusation alleges that he has been unprofessional and inattentive, along with claims that he suffers from illness that affects his practice of medicine. The board is contemplating revoking the probation and that Morgan should face discipline again.

Morgan assets that he will fight the charges and claims that the board is wrong. According to him his predicament with the board started after he was the subject of fraudulent peer review. He had voiced his criticized of the previous administration of Enloe Medical Center and that has led to these charges that were made against him. His authority to practice at Enloe were taken away, which drew the attention of the Medical Board and they too acted against him.

The more recent accusation has four causes of discipline. It cites an incident where Morgan allegedly hampered the ambulance crew’s efforts to care for one of his surgery patients who was at her Chico home and suffering from surgical complications.

The accusation states that Morgan tried to hamper the paramedics efforts of assessing the patient’s condition. It further states that Morgan insisted that the patient be taken to Oroville Hospital, where he had privileges, instead of to Enloe. The paramedics wanted to go to Enloe because it was much closer. The ambulance crew said the patient’s condition was critical while Morgan insisted that she wasn’t in bad state. The doctor denies these accusations and insists that he didn’t interfered with the crew and says that he only asked them if they could take her to Oroville by any chance.

The second cause that the board states is that Morgan’s facility at 18 Williamsburg Lane make it potentially unsanitary for surgery and thus render it unsafe. They also add that the one registered nurse in the premise, Morgan’s wife, is not a certified registered nurse anesthetist. They add that during state Department of Public health inspection in 2011, Morgan’s facility used a type of anesthesia, on a patient, that was beyond the scope of practice for a registered nurse.

In Morgan’s rebuttal, he said that his patients haven’t had problems with infections and that his office passed a recent inspection by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations He further added that if they performed on a big case they had an anesthetist come in and his wife worked within her scope of practice.

The third cause accused Morgan of not keeping adequate records of care he is providing his patients. The fourth cause raised concerns on Morgan’s health. Morgan underwent two neuropsychological evaluations, which were terms of his probation and the examiners concluded that he was suffering from impairments that altered his competence.

When question about the tests, Morgan said he had done an independent exam and that the Medical Board wasn’t really honest in what it said.

Morgan added that he would have fought the charges back in 2002 which led to his probation, but he couldn’t afford a lawyer but this time he has an attorney and would pursue the case

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