Dr. Lovik Mirzaeian DDS

This guy messed up my orthodontic treatment completely.

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lovik Mirzaeian is a terrible dentist. He is careless, lazy and arrogant. He did a horrible job. He didn’t do the checkups properly and installed braces on my teeth even when I had periodontal disease. He doesn’t have any knowledge of dentistry and it’s pretty clear to me that he’s a retarded professional. He has no morals or ethics. All he has is a bunch of crappy stuff about his expertise. From the first moment I met that guy, I knew there was something terribly wrong with him. He claims to be a leading expert and he says that he visits regular classes and does other learning stuff. He gloats a lot but he knows nothing. He failed to diagnose my periodontal disease and because of this retarded a*shole, I have lost 3 of my teeth. The pain and the suffering have been a lot and it’s because of this moron’s wrong diagnosis. Periodontal disease isn’t a joke. My gums hurt, my teeth hurt and eating anything is like a punishment for me. It’s a torturing experience and I can’t express how much I really hate this guy. He should be thrown in prison. When I first visited his clinic, he wasted 20 minutes of the meeting boasting about his expertise and his past successes. I had to wait for 10 minutes after the time of the appointment beforehand and after hearing this a*shole talk, I realized why I had to wait. This guy is so full of himself. He doesn’t give a damn about his patient’s health. At my first visit, we had discussed getting braces. He had taken a look at my teeth and seeing their condition, he suggested me to get braces. To be honest, I hated the guy at that time but I still went to his clinic because I foolishly believed in his expertise. I thought he was the real deal. He seemed like one. I used to have some pain in my gums at the time but to Dr. Mirzaeian, it didn’t matter. He was more concerned with installing braces in my teeth. After installing the braces, my life became hell. I couldn’t eat anything properly and the pain just kept on increasing. Whenever I complained about this issue, he told me to relax and ‘chill’. He told me that I shouldn’t question his work or expertise and that he knew what he was doing. Now I know that it was all lies and in reality, he didn’t know anything at all. I discovered this issue when I went to another orthodontist for my checkup. Dr. Lovik wasn’t in town and I was in a lot of pain. There, I found out that I had periodontal disease which just kept getting worse and worse because of the braces. I’m now getting treated for the same. Regarding Dr. Lovik, I’ve stopped visiting his clinic ever since. He is an ignorant, foolish and egoistic dentist, who is clearly not worth seeing for any kind of treatment.

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