Dr. Lowry Jones Jr, MD

He doesn’t have a heart or any emotions in himself.

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Giovanni

Dr. Jones is an arrogant piece of crap. All he knows and feels is greed. He did a botched surgery on me which led me to get another surgery for treating its complications. You won’t believe the way he handled my case. His staff stopped recognizing me and they didn’t even give me my medical files for 2 weeks because they were afraid that I might use them against them. Those people knew what kind of heinous act their doctor had done but instead of addressing it, they started avoiding me. Because of the delay on those files, my treatment also got delayed and I had to go through a lot of pain and agony because of that monster.

They didn’t accept his fault and tried to hide his mistake. If my doctor hadn’t supported me, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Dr. Jones is a monster and you should never make the mistake to trust this guy. What happened with me was a horrible event and I don’t think anyone should risk their health by taking the help of this guy.

I had visited the clinic of Dr. Jones to get a shoulder replacement surgery. He was supposed to be the one treating my shoulder with precision and care. Instead, he did a horrible job and let an infection develop. When I had complained to him about the pain in my shoulder after the surgical procedure, he didn’t hesitate to discard my concerns. He just wanted to get rid of me. He told me that I was just being scared and there was nothing wrong with me. But when the discomfort rose to unbearable levels, I contacted another doctor who took a look at my condition and diagnosed me with an infection. I had to contact Dr. Jones because my medical files were incomplete at the time. When I contacted that crook’s clinic, they wouldn’t even acknowledge me at first. They weren’t aware of me or my case and were acting as if I had never even visited the place, which was seriously irritating at the time. it took them at least 3 days to recognize me as one of their past patients and after that, it took them 10 days to send me the rest of my medical files. I realized that he was just being a prick and he was afraid that his negligence might get uncovered. Anyway, I underwent another surgery and after that, I demanded an explanation from Dr. Jones. But that guy just ignored me at first. Then he told me that I was being crazy by calling him negligent. According to him, I was the one at fault because I hadn’t informed him of my real symptoms. I had told him everything. I had told the other doctor the same things I had told to Dr. Jones. This guy just didn’t listen to me. I just want to tell you that he is a monster so avoid him at all costs.

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