Dr. M. Marie Dang Mercer Orthodontics

Ripping people off by giving them fake Invisalign braces!

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Published: 01 June 2019

Posted by: Sylvia

Don’t visit Mercer Orthodontics in the hopes of getting treatment. That place is filled with thieves. I know that for a fact because I got one of those fake braces from those people. Dr. Marie Dang is a thief and a scumbag. She doesn’t care about her patients. All she cares about is the money in the pockets of the patients and that’s all. She is a ruthless, heartless and degenerate lady who is selling fake products to everyone. I had visited the clinic to get braces. I had looked it up online and there wasn’t anything fishy. I thought to myself that it was a trustworthy and reliable place but it turns out, I was wrong, very wrong. This place is nothing except a sham. I was fooled by the office and the professional-looking website of the clinic. If I had known that these people are scammers, I wouldn’t have visited this clinic at all.

My visit was great and the staff had behaved properly. I had no complaints from these people at that point. The dentist, Dr. Dang was quite lovely at that time. If I had known that her smile isn’t sincere and is actually manipulative, I wouldn’t have gotten ripped off. I made the terrible mistake of falling for their scam. The thing is, Dr. Dang told me that I should get Invisalign braces for my teeth. I hesitated at first because they cost $6,500 at that time. It’s a lot of money and I didn’t want to waste it. But she assured me that it was a smart investment and foolishly, I followed her advice. Now I know she’s a witch and if I could go back in time, I’d stop myself from visiting this place. I paid the amount of $6,500 through my insurance plan and I was certain of getting my authentic Invisalign braces from her within a few weeks. She told me to wait for around 2-3 weeks and said that it’ll be one of my smartest investments ever. Well, I waited and within 3 weeks, I received my braces. The only problem was, the braces weren’t real Invisalign. They were some kind of cheap knock off. They didn’t last for even 2 months. they were really uncomfortable at first. But dr. Dang had told me about the discomfort so I didn’t worry much. But when those braces got a crack all of a sudden, I was surprised. They just got cracked out of nowhere. I took those braces to Dr. Dang to find out what the hell had happened and she told me that I must have used the roughly or done something stupid with them. I had not. I went to another orthodontist for a second opinion who told me for a fact that those braces weren’t real Invisalign. They were fake. When I found out this information, I contacted Dr. Dang but she didn’t issue me any refunds. She doesn’t accept her fault. What a b*tch! They are selling fake braces there so you’d be safer if you don’t go.

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