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Published: 16 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Last year in 2014, after moving out-of-state and I was in need of finding a primary care doctor. So, I went online to various medical and online review sites like HealthGrades.com and zodoc.com to find someone with a history of a decent reputation that excepted my insurance. Not being very familiar with the DMV area, it was also important that I found somewhere near a Metro station, because I did’nt want to put up with the traffic and parking. So, upon my search – I came across Marjor Medical, LLC in downtown Silver Spring. Dr. Mark Major had a wealth of positive reviews from happy customers, so I make an appointment with him. Within a day or so, I came to my appointment to their old office on Georgia Ave. (before they moved to their current office on Spring Street). Once I walked in, I felt comfortable with how the office was decorated with art on walls, and it seemed clean enough. I suffer from a host of medical conditions and I’m on legal disability from a result of a accident as a young adult. Living day-to-day with chronic pain and seizures causes lots of mental auguish and social set backs, not to mention I’ve had serious issues in the near past that nearly costed my life. So, naturally it’s very crucial to have a doctor who can manage illnesses. Once I met with Dr. Major for the first time, I felt comfortable and fond of his easy-going personality and he seemed to be someone I could trust. Especially since I take some pretty strong medications, that must carefully be monitored on a regular basis. After writing me for my prescriptions and giving a a few referrals a few specialists, he asked if I could bring the paperwork up to the front desk so the receptionist could make copies of them. ***This was the start of a timeline (2014) of very serious issues with Dr. Major and his staff…. The girls at the front desk, looked and acted like they couldn’t be more than 18 or 19 years old. Not only were they unprofessional and rude – they messed up the “pre-authorization” paperwork that my insurance needed to pay for my expensive anti-seizure medication. After calling Major Medical about 5 times and speaking with the girl on the phone (who got disgusted when I told her to do her job, and tax over my damn paperwork! – it isn’t that hard?) Days and days went by before my pharmacy got a response… ***Now, this is when my problems really started to get awkward and disgraceful.. After making a follow up appointment with pain management, I ran out of my pain meds waiting to be seen by them. So I headed back out to Major Medical, LLC in Silver Spring. I’ve been on narcotic pain medications all my adult life, and they aren’t something a person can just stop taking. Not to mention a withdrawal can throw me into a violent seizure. Now, Dr. Major’s seemingly caring bedside manor changed. He was *NO LONGER* friendly and treated me like a *DRUG ADDICT*!!! I was completely *offended and outraged* by his ignorance towards my wellbeing. Then he begin to Interrogate me, rant and rave about how I should be off them, blah blah blah…ridiculed me like a child! WTF?…I’m DISABILED for crying out loud!!! And without my meds, I’m in too much pain to WORK. Yet, he only wrote of **10 5mg oxycodone** instead of my normal dose of 16mgs of hydromorphone/ 30mgs of morphine, which doesn’t even *compare* in pain relief. Any doctor with half a brain could tell you that that was a completely insignificant and negelectful dose that put me in danger. A few days later, I ended up in the hospital. ***I went back about two times later, in relation to another issue besides medication – and after signing in – one of his disrespectful young female staff walks up to me IN THE WAITING ROOM IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE, and loudly annouces that doctor Major will not be giving me any narcotics, and do I still WANT to be SEEN? I truly felt like giving her a bunt piece of my mind, but I’m not going to stoop to her level – plus I was sick that day and didn’t feel well enough to drive around looking of another office. He did really nothing, (I could have been better off just going to CVS). But like all MONEY HUNGRY PIGS, will gladly see you to GLADY CHARGE your insurance for PAYMENT! ***(2015) I didn’t return back there for almost a whole year, mostly because I hated their service and because I was again living out-of-state for a while (which I was helped there). After being back in town after a day, I had to seen ASAP because of an infection, which was an allergic reaction to an anti-biotic. DR Major insisted that it was from the morphine (How the HELL can you be allergic to something you’ve had for years?) and gave me XANAX! WTF!! Talk about medical malpractice….. As for all this “positive” reviews online, for all you know they could be fake. I wouldn’t be shocked if Dr. Major had paid those little girls at the front desk extra money to write them to “shill” for customers online! .

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