Dr. Marvin Bondhus

The clinic has now become a sham ever since he passed away!

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Angela

It’d be better for you to steer clear from this place. You’d be better off somewhere else. I used to visit Dr. Bondhus’s clinic for a UTI treatment. He was a great person but his billing staff was terrible. They kept making up invoices and sending them to my insurance company. I ended up paying $3000 above the cost of the treatment. I wasn’t made aware of those sent invoices too. It was when the sum reached the astounding amount of $3000, the insurance company contacted me about the bills. I stopped the payments. I didn’t think they’d be scamming me this way. They are terrible people who shouldn’t be running a clinic of this sort. They scammed me and stole my $3000. When I contacted those guys, they told me that their office is shutting down because Dr. Bondhus had passed away. May his soul rest in peace but I don’t think it’s okay for the billing staff of that clinic to get away with such a heinous crime so easily.

When I enquired about those made up bills, they started telling me that I shouldn’t bother them at such a sensitive time. Then the rep started saying sentimental stuff about him and said that they won’t be able to process my request because they were still grieving. I asked them when should I contact them later but they hung up. Then, they stopped picking up my calls. I don’t think Dr. Bondhus would like to see his subordinates scamming others using his name. They are mentally sick and heartless people. Not only did they steal $3,000 from me but they also used their boss’s death as an excuse to avoid answering my questions. I had never met such selfish and greedy people in my life before.

Dr. Bondhus himself was a great person. And I’m certain that he wouldn’t have allowed such malicious activities to take place. But his staff is stubborn. When I visited his clinic, it was closed. A few days later, my insurance company informed me that I had received another invoice of around $450 from Dr. Bondhus’s clinic. I didn’t pay for it obviously because the invoice is completely made up and I never availed any service from that place after that treatment. Not only that, the clinic is closed. It’s clear that what used to be a great and hearty place has now become a sham. So don’t ever think of getting in touch with these people. If this clinic still operates, then don’t visit it. It’s not worth it. Most probably, they’ll make up invoices and start charging you for fake services as well. Moreover, if you’d confront them they’ll avoid you and start saying that they can’t possibly do such stuff. I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t recommend anyone this place. If I ever hear from them again, I’ll ask about my $3000. Those guys could’ve exhausted my entire insurance plan if they could.

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