Dr. Matt Gaebelein DDS

All he does is lie and deceive his patients.

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: George

Dr. Matthew is a liar and a big scumbag. He doesn’t care about his patients. You’d go there in the hope that you will get a proper treatment while in reality, you’ll be welcomed by a crook who has no heart or emotions. Dr. Matthew had installed a dental cap, also known as a crown, in one of my teeth. He didn’t seal the crown properly and it was installed on an infected tooth. So when it wasn’t sealed properly, the infection spread and the problem became a major one.

I had visited his clinic because he seemed like a good and professional dentist. Go to his website and read the reviews online and you’ll see what I mean. Anyone can be fooled by those positive reviews. I didn’t know that he wasn’t what he seemed online. He is a terrible and unprofessional dentist who shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic in the first place. He shouldn’t even be allowed to be a dentist because of his negligence. He is irresponsible. His crappy treatment left me with a huge infection in my mouth. I used to remain in a lot of toothaches. When I had contacted him regarding the pain I was experiencing with my teeth, he told me that it was alright and the pain was natural. I shouldn’t have trusted that guy at all. In fact, I shouldn’t have even visited his clinic. He is a pathetic professional who lies to everyone about his expertise. I was thinking about what kind of natural and genuine pain is this much torturous. But I still trusted that guy. Well, after a few weeks, the pain had become unbearable. I wasn’t able to handle the agony any more. So I went to another dentist to get a remedy. That’s when I found out that Dr. Matthew had actually done a poor job in sealing the dental cap he had installed over my tooth. That mistake cost me 2 teeth. I now need to get 2 dental implants for those 2 missing teeth. I’m glad that the infection didn’t spread further and damaged other teeth. If that would have happened, I must’ve lost plenty of teeth. But, I was supposed to lose no teeth at all. When I told him about what happened to me, I was expecting an apology. Instead, this guy tells me that I should’ve been more careful with my dental hygiene. He was asking me to visit his clinic again so he can take a look at the tooth. I didn’t go to his clinic. I’m not going back to this fool’s place. No insult can do him justice. First, he cost me 2 teeth, caused me a lot of agonizing pain for weeks and messed up a pricey treatment. Then he didn’t even apologize for his mistake and put the blame on me. I don’t think this guy is suited for treating anyone. He is negligent, irresponsible and careless. It’s unsafe to visit his clinic.

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