Dr. Michael Ayzin DDS

He ruined my ability to taste completely!

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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Douglas

Dr. Ayzin is a terrible and horrendous dentist. He is negligent, careless and foolish. Don’t make the mistake of visiting his clinic. He didn’t even accept his fault for ruining my ability to taste. He messed up a simple procedure of dental filling. I had visited his clinic, called Finest Dentistry for a simple dental checkup. At my first visit, Dr. Ayzin told me that I should get a filling done on a tooth. I was okay with it. What I didn’t know at that time was Dr. Ayzin’s foolishness and his incompetence. I went to his clinic and got the filling done. But during the procedure, I felt a really strong and stinging pain when one of his tools touched my gum, I felt that it had touched a nerve. He told me that it’s all okay and the pain is normal. He was clearly lying and I could sense the sarcasm in his tone. Let me tell you for context that even though I’ve visited dentists regularly, I haven’t had such experience before. I was scared and in a lot of pain. I tried to tell him again but after his reaction, I was sure that it would be of no use. THAT GUY DISTURBED ONE OF MY NERVES. I lost the ability to taste food properly. I’ve never been able to enjoy any meal or dish after that horrible experience. I’ve fallen sick a few times because of that stupid guy.

I began eating more because I could taste very little. That has caused me to become overweight. I realized this issue quite later. And when I did, I can’t tell you how horrible I felt. I visited his clinic again to confront him. This bastard just plainly denied any error and told me that there must be something else wrong with me. He was saying that I must’ve eaten something wrong or done something else but he wasn’t at fault at all. Dr. Michael Ayzin is just full of arrogance. This guy lacks any sense of decency or professionalism. His negligence has completely ruined my life. I went to another dentist to find out if the damage can be repaired and if I can ever get my ability to taste to improve. So far, I haven’t heard from that guy. I’ll find out in a few days. But one thing is for sure, and that’s Dr. Ayzin is a horrible human being and a terrible dentist who should n’t be allowed to run a dental clinic of his own. My dentist had told me that the damage might have been permanent. In any case, I can’t ever forgive Dr. Ayzin for his negligence. This guy will pay for his crimes one day, that’s for sure. I can’t tell you how depressing it is for me to live with this condition. I can’t taste anything properly. I get a very little taste of anything at all. And it’s all because of this foolish, moronic and maniacal Dr. Ayzin.

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