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Don’t make the mistake of visiting this clinic like i did

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Published: 25 May 2019

Posted by: Haleigh

They ruined my teeth. Not 2 or 3, but I lost at least 4 teeth because of the negligence of Dr. Fling. Not only that, I had to get an emergency dental treatment because I NEARLY DIED BECAUSE OF DOCTOR FLING. He is a criminal and a fraudster who is lying to people everywhere. Dr. Fling maintains a fake persona. He conducts these seminars, claiming that he is teaching other dentists about cosmetic procedures, while he, in fact, has little or no knowledge of this field. He is a horrible dentist who has no idea what it’s like to treat a patient. His clinic is running because he spends a lot of money on marketing. Visit his website and you’ll be awed by the way he shows off his expertise. I was fooled by one of their ads and I thought it’d be great for me to visit his clinic and get a cosmetic procedure done. I had never gotten a cosmetic procedure done before so I hesitated a little at first but I ended up visiting his clinic. Dr. Fling recommended me to get a ‘Full Mouth Reconstruction’. In this procedure, he installed crowns on a bunch of my teeth and extracted a few of my teeth too. This procedure was quite long and exhausting. But the consequences were worst. It damaged my teeth and mouth so severely that a huge infection spread over it. I had to get an emergency treatment someplace else. The dentists told me that the crowns weren’t planted properly and if I had been a little late, I might’ve died. I COULD HAVE DIED BECAUSE OF FLING!! This bastard did such a crappy procedure that infection spread around my gums and teeth and if it had damaged my nerves further or reached other areas of my head, then it could’ve been fatal. It’s clear that Dr. Fling is a terrible professional who shouldn’t be allowed to do any procedures at all. I’m still recovering from that trauma. I had to spend a fortune on that ‘Full Mouth Reconstruction’ procedure. Not only that, but I also had to spend a fortune on the recovery treatment. I had the money to get my issue treated. But I know there are many people who might not be able to afford treatments for the problems Dr. Fling develops in their teeth. He is a wicked dentist who should be rotting in jail instead of running a dental clinic. Think for a second, if I had died because of him, he would’ve been a murderer. I wonder how he’s still able to run a dental clinic when he is so bad at what he does. I’m certain it’s because of his false advertising. It’s important that you spread the word and make others aware of this dentist’s negligence and terrible work ethic. He has no morals, no expertise, and no heart. He is a monster who is stealing money from people through negligent procedures.

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