Dr. Michael Scott Saenger

Dr. Michael Saenger accused of mistreating disabled patient

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Published: 31 July 2017

Posted by: Robert L. Chen

Many doctors at the Atlanta VA Medical Center were accused of mistreating a patient by violating several patient rights and refusing medication earlier this month. Dr. Michael Scott Saenger, along with Dr. April M.F. Madu and Dr. Lemmy Nsor Effa are accused of mistreating a disabled patient. Veterans have been mistreated in many scenarios and this is just another such case. The basic rights a patient has have been violated when it comes to their care.
The investigation of the events with regard to these doctors is underway at the moment. The results will be published as soon as it is over. The patient was not given the name or title of the provider in charge of his care in writing. He had no right in choosing who his provider would be. And he had no idea who provided his care in association with these doctors. Students and trainees did not introduce themselves when they took part in his care. He wasn’t informed of all the outcomes of medical care, including any injuries. No compensation or remedies were given even for serious injuries.
He suffered a lot of pain, but it was never assessed or treated. No pain management plan was developed by the team responsible for him.
Formal complaint have been registered with the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

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