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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Alice

It is time to expose the true face of Dr. Michelle F. Zetoony who claims to be some sort of an expert but is really just a foolish charlatan. She probably has some association with some underground cult societies, or I don’t know what. She is through and through a shifty character. She has the worst possible service ever in the medical industry. An industry that the public so transparently relies on. Good for nothing liar! All she knows is to fleece people for good money and put it in her worthless pockets.

I am talking about this case I read about that was registered against these this crook of a woman sometime ago.

Apparently, she went to Dr. Michelle F. Zetoony, D.O. (Pinellas County, Florida) in 2012 after her doctor died, primarily to renew her medication that she took to help with her sleep. She was suffering from bouts of anxiety at the time as well owing to some very unfortunate incidents in her life. She was harassed at the hands of law enforcement after her valuable personal details, internet access, phone calls, details of her clients, etc were hacked. She lost her home of 20 years that went in foreclosure due to that reason. Imagine the plight she might have been going through. There is a detailed complaint about the harassment she had to endure at the hands of law enforcement officials, police officers that she registered at complaint sometime ago.

Now, my main agenda is this doctor Michelle F. Zeetony who this complainant claims to have violated her Hippocratic oath to harass her further. As someone who has places immense amount of trust in doctors, this shocked me to my very core.

The woman in question is a victim of psychological lynching which she addressed in her complaint that made to th Justice Dept. Despite her history of long list of mental harassment cases which include being labelled as a child molester, paedophile and what not apart from being illegally targeted. Naturally, she was facing problems of anxiety and sleeping disorders. It\’s why she consulted this famed doctor.

Now, this doctor who should have been helping her tried to discredit her claims by establishing her as someone who has issues with her memory. She advertises her self as a \”sleep solutions doctor\” but in reality is a fraudster. She tried to convince her with sone crackpot theory that it was actually a \”mom\’s club/group/organisation/underground cult\” that was responsible for the treatment she had been receiving from the law officials. What on earth is that even supposed to mean. When I heard tell of this, I was blown! What kind of a doctor talks like that! A crazy one I tell you! There was a conversation snippet she attached in her complaint which read as follows:

DR – I mean, I, you know, I suspect that it sounds like this is happening in multiple kinds of ways, even ways that you are not even seeing.
ME – The amazing, the amazing… Excuse me, what did you last say?
DR – … that you\’re, even in ways that you\’re not even appreciating. You know, like the junk mails is kind of an obvious thing, but maybe there is something going on that you\’re not even aware of because it\’s happening on another level. (pause)
ME – That doesn\’t make any sense to me. What do you mean?
DR – Um, so, for instance, let\’s say, … um, there\’s a secret underground moms club. (pause)
ME – That…
DR – No, I\’m just saying …
ME – Speak in real terms. I don\’t understand.
DR – Like, let\’s say there\’s a mom’s meetup or whatever.
ME – What?
DR – A group, a mom\’s club.
ME – That doesn\’t make any sense.
DR – Listen, listen. Let\’s say there is a mom’s club. And let\’s say one of the police officers is married to one of the moms in the mom\’s club. And the moms club is yapping, and then the moms club says something about \’Oh, well, you know, here I am over here.\’ This is still harassment. It\’s that they bring it home and then, inadvertently, outside of your realm, you wouldn\’t even be aware of it.

What utter bullshit!!!!!!!! It sounds as if somebody high on the worst kind of drugs would indulge in such talks. My heart goes out to this women who seems to have gotten on the wrong side of everything possible and now is being punished for it. She needs help. This Dr Zeetony is known to be prescribing sleeping machines to elderly, disabled patients to help with their sleep. She is fraud! What a devilish character. How far is anyone ever willing to go to harm someone? Have a conscience for god sake! STAY THE HELLL AWAY from this doctor. She will ruin your lives, your families, your loved ones, and then some more. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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