Dr. Mihir Bhatt and Thomas DiNardo

Dr. Mihir Bhatt and Thomas DiNardo found guilty

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Published: 18 August 2017

Posted by: Shawn L. Lewis

Dr. Mihir Bhatt was involved in a large scale crime of trafficking and selling a total of 1.8 million oxycodone pills. The drugs were sold in Brooklyn and on Staten Island to a number of people, according to authorities present. This man was arrested way back in December 2013 when this issue first came to light.
Bhatt had a practice over at Hylan Blvd. In fact, he worked at the New York Wellness Center. This was owned by his co-conspirator Thomas DiNardo. Besides this, there are also reports of him working at Graniteville and Eltingville. He apparently had medical offices there as well, in Arlene St and Richmond Ave, respectively. He didn’t stop with just prescribing pills at work. He took how work home with him to Edison (NJ). But he did not mention this to his insurance companies. He simply told them he was prescribing them out of his office.
The longshoremen, who were some of the people he sold the medicines to, were part of one of these two places: NY Container Terminal or Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Another man named Steven Alcaras was also involved in the heist, and he worked in the latter of the two places. He was the one who was responsible for pickups and would do some scouting as well, so he could tell Bhatt and DiNardo which longshoremen could be targeted next. He managed all the fake medical exams that they ran, and even covered for the two doctors when they hadn’t come into work enough number of days.
Rita Patel, who works at Shayona Pharmacy in New Jersey would fill in the prescriptions from these doctors when they weren’t able to get them done on the Island.
In court, Bhatt pleaded guilty to all the charges that were laid out against him: felony, insurance fraud and falsely filing cases. He admitted that from March 2012 to November 2013, he had conspired to sell the drugs knowing fully well that what he and his co-conspirators were doing was against the law. He had also committed insurance fraud for over one and a half years in this time.
Bhatt and DiNardo, according to the former’s confession, had also lied to the Waterfront Commission by providing false results. This was on the 26th of April, 2013.
Bhatt has been sentenced to jail time of six months and a probationary period of 5 years. He is also required by law to give up $2 million. His medical license is also being revoked.

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