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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Wednesday, November 27th, I purchased your Dr. Miracle No-Lye Relaxer Super. Since June of 2013, I have not had a perm in my hair because I wanted my hair to grow out and be healthier. In the month of September, I purchased Shea Moisture Color Kit and used it with no problems. I have been washing and conditioning my hair with the Shea Moisture products. I have not used any sulfate products on my hair since that time. After my hair had at least about 3 inches of new growth and reached below my shoulders when I flat ironed it, I decided it was time to perm it. | Once I started the perm, the strain test was fine, I used a small area from the corner of the right back side corner of my hair for about 5 minutes. So I parted my hair in the four parts and started with the back right side. By the time I finished the front left side, I went back to the back to check because I just wanted the new growth to straighten out a little bit so the relaxer was on now for about 10 mins. Then I noticed that pieces of my hair came out on my hand, so I ran to the shower to rinse the perm out and saw lots of my hair falling into the bottom of the shower. | After 20 mins of rinsing just about all my hair except for a small amount on the left front side was in the bottom of the shower. I felt like and looked like a fool. I was terrified for my fiancee to see it so I hid in the bathroom for 2 hours crying, until I did not have a choice but to come out. At first he said it was not bad but when he looked at the right side of my head his face told me it was bad. All I could think of was that we can’t get married in May with me not have any hair. | So after I calmed down I took pictures of the hair in the shower, my hair when it was wet and pictures after I dried it. It looked so bad I could not leave the house to attend the family Thanksgiving dinner the next day. So I stayed in the house until Saturday morning when he took me to get a haircut at 2 Guyz Barbershop in Warner Robins GA. I did not want to go to our local barbershops because Fort Valley is such a small town that everyone would see my head or know about it by the end of the day. | So Matt, the barber checked my scalp for damage after I told him what happened and informed me because the sides were almost bald he had to cut it really low so you could not see the bald spots. Then he evened out my entire head. So I stayed in the house the rest of Saturday, Sunday and it is now Monday and I was able to call again after leaving a voicemail Wednesday night and an email. | She said to write how I feel. Well, I guess I feel ugly, I once told my fiancee that women with breast cancer has such a hard time adjusting because they lose the 2 things that physically distinguish them from a man on the street is their hair and breast. Losing anyone of them is devastating. I knew the concept before now I know the feeling of hopelessness. | Until this day I have not gotten anything but the run around saying that they have a special department that handles complaints and will get back in touch with me. No one in this company cares about their consumers

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